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  1. manylam

    Asking help for OTA update for Rooted N1

    Thanks for telling me that, but then how about if I ask for ways to stop OTA update keep popping up? That's annoying. :unsure: and eat RAM a lot I always think that should be quite a common problems for most people have custom rom, but seems only a little people have problem with that.
  2. manylam

    Asking help for OTA update for Rooted N1

    But, the last time I update to FRF91 is from the signed files from... maybe xda, there is some ways to update the system and without wipe all things and then fresh the rom again. You know reinstall things and getting back those installed things are quite troublesome. :) But if there is no ways to solve, I then will wait until the Gingerbread comes and fresh a new rom. ;)
  3. I got a rooted Nexus One and enable the bootloader, now I'm using the Build Number "MoDaCo Custrom ROM r21 for the Google Nexus One (FRF91)" About half a month before, I start receiving the OTA update for FRF83. after I press install the update, N1 restart and then return to the bootloader page (the black background & Green text) and stay there. Resulting that my N1 is fail to update. I have tried quite a number of signed update files, one of them is the following, http://android.modaco.com/content/google-n...-root-insecure/ with trying the files of "FRF91->FRG83 patch zip" but verification fails and fail to update. now the OTA update is keep popping up and ask me to update, that is really disturbing. :) Would anybody please help to solve my problems, like unable the bootloader temporary for OTA update, or tell me the method to have OTA update even with the bootloader. Thanks a lot
  4. manylam

    MCR r22.1 archive

    After update the Alpha 17 of the Rom, I am sorry to discover that some video (mp4, download via DolphinBrowser) cannot be displayed. And even some of them can be played, when I press the Fullscreen / Screen to Fit button, it become a white screen with sound playing normally. Btw, those video I downloaded it long before that I can running smoothly with no problems before. Looking forward for the update and solve the problems. Making the Rom be better and beter :) PS. I would like to know, is the music playing normally using the Dock for Nexus One to Hi-Fi (not the internal speaker of Nexus One) by using the Kitchen Function? Thanks

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