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  1. can somebody re post the rom donwload link on another file host website? want to try :) thx :)
  2. Hi all! That's my question: why the phone vibre at tap only in the samsung or windows mobile native application? For example in SPB Mobile Shell, OperaMini, Skype or Resco File explorer ecc the phone doesn't vibre when tap! any solutions? thx in advice! :)
  3. very nice rom! but it has only one problem ... why in the threaded sms app the keyboard lag ??? texting in this app is terrible! any solutions? thx in advice :)
  4. yes, the phone doesn't wake up! also tried the ii6 csc and the yours
  5. scusa ma non ho proprio capito ... dove sarebbe questo file default.txt? e la riga dove mi dice la partizione? sorry but i haven't understand ... where are the default.txt file? and the line when it says me the partition ? thx
  6. ok, now the installation works .. but the first update not! the last line of code i see is: [ 5.322467] r5:00000000 r4:00000000 any ideas ? :unsure:
  7. it's allways the same thing .. also formatting is useless! ... other way ?
  8. i can't install it ... because the installation says that can't mount the sd card! any help ? :mellow:
  9. yes, i want to start to cooking something good :mellow:
  10. i mean the contextual popup menus :mellow:! so i can use sktools ?
  11. hi man ! i've another quesetion ... how can i increse the dimension of the contextual menu ? :mellow: thx in advice
  12. hmmm ther's an issue in this rom .. a lag in the text imput ! is there a solution ? thx in advice :)
  13. Hi man ! after very long time i return to test roms and tweaks for this phone ! and .. this rom is greate ! keep working on it ! very very compliments ! :)
  14. sorry guys, ther's something to update in the guide at the first post or it's all ok and updated ? such as links, methods ecc ... because i want to try to install it but the latest and best version :D !
  15. is all ok and at the latest version of this project ?
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