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  1. Glad you got it all sorted :D
  2. Wow totally forgot about this thread :mellow: Here you go ! bootanimation.zip
  3. Well seems like we may get this in 2013 when the phone will be obsolete!
  4. Hello, Their is NO way at all to change the Time on the white splash screen. It depends on how fast the OS takes to load, as on that screen it basically like a pc booting up, You can however change the Splash screen image.. Just not the timing....
  5. This is true, but no a days im heavly into Maya Autodesk, but hell be my guest, seeing as you revived and old thread and obviously care so much, And know what to do Shoot!
  6. Lol, same here bud, XDA is the old new local hang out! ;) Cool on the DHD, I thinking of waiting till end of next year and picking up a Dual core device if any are out by then XD, Oh technology i LOVE YOU! ha
  7. hehe it is! Btw how are you eddyOs haven't seen you around for a while, mainly due to the fact I haven't been on modaco for a while! All good I hope ;)
  8. Yes on Oxygen, you can use either a separate app or jut the basic contacts app it includes what you want it to!. FB, Twitter Google, or just 1 or 2 of them, Plus if you don't like the interface their are other apps that get the job done!, were not on iphone but theirs an app for that! Just checked my phone contacts list I have Twitter, Facebook and google on, but have set it to just show people with phone numbers or the list is HUGH ;)
  9. Hi their if your looking for Literally the Fastest ROM's on the market with all the added bonus's of.... Features: Android v2.2.1 built from AOSP Linux kernel v2.6.35.9 Latest Google Apps Superuser v2.3.6 Busybox v1.17.3 Latest Zeam Launcher << New launcher which is Free and a lot quicker than launcher Pro, plus some nice features too! Adblock support for S-OFF users Adhoc wifi support Advanced power widget Any file type downloading Dalvik2Cache support for N1Table HBoot users Deodexed FM Radio Froyo A2SD support Legacy A2SD with support for EXT2/3/4 Long press back to kill apps Reboot menu Track change with long press of volume buttons Then I highly recommend AdamG's Oxygen Rom, no other Rom scores higher on Quadrant or is as fast as this little puppy Oxygen v1.0 << GO << His last project called Open Desire was a MASSIVE hit, and this new project is proving to be even better, everything is complied from open source and not copied of off anyone. I am only highly rating this ROM as I use it everyday, and have never been so happy with one rom before, it includes pretty much everything! If you read just a few pages of the thread you will clearly see what people think of it, we are all blown away!, the rom is only 48MB, and contains NO bloatware that slows your device down at all. It is completely optimised for speed and stability! But don't take my word for it, try it your self and be blown away! I would highly recommend you S-off your device too if not already, it just makes life easier all round! Hope you check it out and get back with your review, Need any help ask in the thread or pm me on XDA potter1984, am only to happy to help!
  10. If Paul gave us the control, then yea maybe we could of sorted it out, but would you give the keys to your prize possession to a random stranger, In essence he is the only one who can sort it! And I Really dont care if Paul works on other ROMs as I use only AdamG ROMs based on Much less BLOATWARE from Paul, Sorry Paul, as i have read many times before, "If no one likes it, im not forcing them to use MY ROM's" Personally i prefer ROMs with speed and no Sense, Sense looks good, but really cant stand it(personal prefs i guess) I prefer stability and SPEED, Try getting a quadrant score of 1600+ on Pauls Roms! And being force to have bloatware is just a No, no. Well we can delete the bloatware but who wants to install something just to delete loads of stuff, makes it feel like win xp all over again lol. I do have to give Paul credit tho for all his hard work on all Makes and models of smart phones and tech.
  11. Cool do you have an eta for that ?? Thanks
  12. OMFG!, I have not been on this site for ages due to tapatalk and mostly Pauls inability to respond to tweets or message about this!. He seems not to care, I would not get my hopes up peeps this has been a long time issue now!. Its annoying too as its REALLY simple to implement! Paul get your finger out m8, and make YOUR fans/Users HAPPY!!!
  13. Bump bump bumpty bump! Nore can I..........
  14. Should be called android circle. And I'm no longer affiliated with then app now. I sold all my animes to the dev. But yes unless hes renamed it should still be android circle or android ring.
  15. I use root explorer I know that works not sure about r9wip tho never used it. I also made the update.zip for simproduction and know that works to. So only thing I can suggest is something is different in the ROM. Not sure what tho, maybe pm Paul for a better answer. And please post your results may help others too :)
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