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  1. Hello, please help this poor guy.. as i am hearing impaired. i want to increase following volumes; Speaker should come out loud ... for alarms through open speaker phone calls receiving - through open speaker phone calls receiving - through head set which of the settings should i increase? I want the headphone calls have the volumes just like how i would listen to a music (that loud volume !!!) The Default settings are low, it could need boost though. thanks
  2. this month i send my pda to repair center apparently only thing is changed the pda version so i suggest whoever has this problem.. should update the pda rom.. that is the only thing changed from the versions.. i am not sure what they fixed if it was really technical issue or pda rom issue.. right now my pda version is B7610BUIK1 and it works
  3. i will wait till i flash.. its still to early to tell.. btw.. do you have soundtester.exe in your windows directory ?? that app that is being called with the code .. where is it ? i dont have the file in windows directory, not even in hidden ones.. either it is not workin because the file is missing? or it could be reason being.. i wanna find this.. so maybe i can find the cause in registry due this app.. and modifiy through registry
  4. Hi, Look Here Sorry Mods, i wanted to broaden the audience, as it same app used on omnia i8000, maybe someone here has encountered this problem? Any solutions without flashing....? Thanks
  5. it was before dpi 192, i changed it after you posted the keys.. and there is no official update regarding this pda.. i dont know how you got the latest. maybe it is country related..
  6. No problem. comparing is always the easiest solution. i have attached the file. PDA: B7610NXXIL2 CSC: B7610NVD2IK1 Telephone: B7610BUIK1 Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional CE OS 5.2.21868 (Build 21868.5.0.69) Samsung.BT7610.BackupReg.Cereg.23012010.rar
  7. yeah your right, , net framework didnt solve the problem. no backup needed, i havent put my simcard yet.. i wanted to get working method.. LOL, im not gonna do hardreset again.. i know even before the hard reset i had this problem.. so i said i will look into this later.. but i did like 3 hard resets since then.. hard reset doesnt solve the problem i will study later the settings and play it around.. if not il ask at xda or modaco aswell.. to see if someone had this problem thanks
  8. im gonna install now .net framework 3.5.. it could be the reason why it doesnt work
  9. problem is still present, only Microsoft/Today "DPI" key was different.. rest same as yours
  10. no i already tried that, may i know please know the reg key? thanks ;-)
  11. pictures explain better.. look i attached the pictures.. how and after it looks like when i press Gain
  12. Hello, Code: *#0002*28346# i seem to get a different volume control window.. black and white.. the font sizes are really soo small like its 3pt.. and its not possible to read and select how do you get the normal volume control design? so its easy to select and change settings.. Or am i using wrong code ? pls help. thanks alot Rgds
  13. your right.. works now again.. and the internal storage werent reformatted ;-)) thanks
  14. Hello, did anyone had this problem? I cant seem to access the internal 2 GB storage.. thanks for inputs greets
  15. PERFECT this method works.. device is off: start it up by pressing "phone call end" long time.. if you see something on the screen, press the reset button and immediately: w&l + lock button + phone call start + phone call end nice one.. thanks alot ;-) now i dont need to return this pda and wait.. i will install resco registry editor and do it manually just to be on safe side.. ;.)
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