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  1. drkdeath5000

    [ROM] MIUI PatchRom RC2

    Thanks but im already on the latest update 2.4. I flashed in this order. racer-miui-2.3.7-RC2 update-miui-2.3.7-rc2.4
  2. drkdeath5000

    [ROM] MIUI PatchRom RC2

    Thanks for the rom, running on my racer now. Only one problem i've noticed and that is that the dialer force closes.
  3. drkdeath5000

    Stop charging on USB

    Personally i think the usb charge is safer and pro longs battery life since you get a more thorough charge than you do from the mains charger. Anyway, from what i understand theres no way to stop usb charging so im afraid your stuck with it - may be wrong though so dont take my word for it.
  4. drkdeath5000

    How to make your TG01 even better !

    Your welcome and enjoy ! Will try and add some more soon just a little busy with work atm.
  5. drkdeath5000

    changing the unlock screen image

    try using s2u2 it looks great - much better than the default windows lock/unlock
  6. How to make your TG01 even better ! Okay first off im putting this short guide together to help everyone get the most out of there tg01, the themes and software used are to my own personal taste so you may find you prefer something different (if this is the case i suggest you go to xda and browse the windows mobile themes section). Everything used in this guide has been tested on my own tg01 and works fine. SPB Shell Install spb shell 3.5 on your tg01, you can buy it here or you may find it freely available on the internet. Mobilesense SPB Shell theme (http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=604146&highlight=widget) So presuming you've now installed SPB Shell go ahead and download the mobilesenses theme found here and install it to your tg01 using the cab file. Once installed have a play around with the widgets - one of my main reasons for choosing spb shell over manilla, etc is the comm manager widget which allows you to switch the phone, wifi, etc on / off at the touch of a button so the first thing i recommend you do is re-add this widget. Another thing you might want to do is change the background, to do so just run senseconfig and add your images to the images tab (not you'll need two images one for portrait and landscape). With your images added create a new theme with these images you just added and finally go to the panel settings tab and enable theme for all panels. If you need any help just click the help button which provides detailed instructions. Android Taskbar (http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=5752806&postcount=2) Next up is a cab file that replaces the default windows taskbar to an android / htc look a like. Follow the instructions found here http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.p...amp;postcount=2 and remember to install sdkcerts first. S2U2 (http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=527523) s2u2 replaces the windows default lock / unlock to an iphone style but can be made better with the following theme. First though download and install s2u2 here. Once s2u2 is installed download this touch pro 2 theme found here and follow the video for installation instructions. Swype Best keyboard replacement in my opinion though i've lost the link for the cab file ... will put it up later. Once swype is installed download and install SIPCHANGE.cab which will enable you to set swype as the default keyboard. Note: SIPCHANGE produces an error on boot up just disable windows mobile errors to avoid this. More coming soon !
  7. drkdeath5000

    srs hd wow

    If your running spb, sense, or something similar try going to the windows start button (click 'start' found at the top left), and finally go to settings. You should see the srs program near the bottom. For some reason the program icon doesnt want to show on the spb list of programs installed but it does show on the windows start section.
  8. We may not all be able to afford htc phones but we can have a look alike theme on our tg01's. I've been trying them all out these past few days and the best combo i've come up with is the following: Android taskbar - http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.p...amp;postcount=2 SPB sense / expresso theme - http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread...ighlight=widget and Finally the s2u2 theme - http://tpro.station59.com/skins/slide2unlock2 Follow the instructions in the above links and youill have a nice looking theme installed, enjoy !
  9. drkdeath5000

    On demand wifi

    Just spotted something of interest whilst browsing xda, an actual cab file that enables on demand wifi. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=579965 Only problem is its only for custom roms and some official ones which come with HTC Application Service or newer, and Comm Manager or newer. So i think our tg01's are out on this one but maybe when we get our rom made cool things like this will finally be possible :-).
  10. drkdeath5000

    new rom update from toshiba

    New rom update definately seems to have made the phone faster, i've got all my apps installed and now where the phone would sometimes take 2 - 3 goes at starting up it now more a less does it in one go :-). No crashes so far either which im very happy about. Im not sure what updates they've made in this rom but its definately done something ...
  11. drkdeath5000

    new rom update from toshiba

    Well its all installed and the phone seems much quicker for starters but i guess a master clear does that :-). Will know for sure once i've installed all my apps.
  12. drkdeath5000

    new rom update from toshiba

    Thanks that was exactly it !! Its doing something now :-)
  13. drkdeath5000

    new rom update from toshiba

    Also, how would i go about using sddl+ ?
  14. drkdeath5000

    new rom update from toshiba

    Same again im afraid :-( Download failed File name is invalid!! Again no extra files or folders, ive just got the main folder 'TG01WP_6.5_Orange_UK_Update' with '/prg/' and 'TG01_SDDL.exe'. /prg/ also contains the file 'TG01WP_5005000176.tsw'. Im running on the orange tg01 bought from orange online in january with 6.5 pre installed.
  15. drkdeath5000

    new rom update from toshiba

    Not sure how to ? No extra files or folders i just copied over the extracted file using windows 7 and winrar. Re copying now so we'll see.

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