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  1. Sry but are you stupid? http://android.modaco.com/content/htc-desi...d-b0rked-fixed/ Just need to flash 1 zip file -.- ITS A STICKY!
  2. I would get an DesireHD and sell the Desire ;) Sense HD is Godlike and the DesireHD has a good CPU much RAM and much NAND Space a bigger Screen it looks great and i think its the next Phone of the Year ;-)
  3. Do you loose connection when you plug it in with USB Debug only?
  4. I tried ALL Rom´s ;-) None of the DHD Rom´s are stable (only this from baadnwz) All Stock ROM based ROM´s are stable but u should only use Leedroid or Modaco... i think u know why ;-) Defrost/Opendesire etc are out of date and the best Gingerbread and Stock Android ROM is Oxygen! The Most CyanogenMOD based rom´s are not really stable (I tried many Nightlies, too) I tested ALL ROM´s and the most are not stable enough or out of date or they only take stuff from the called ROM´s! So why i should tell him from bad ROM´s or from ROM´s that are out of date! MIUI is a ROM that he can use, too but its even not stable enough and not bugfree enough for real everyday use! And i used all ROM´s for over a Week! I think i know what i say =) Oxygen Miui Leedroid Modaco or baadnwz All other Rom´s are not good enough for a every day user! We talk about a every day user and not Flash maniacs like me or like you ;-)
  5. If your Phone should be stable for all day use u should use Modaco r9/r10 or leedroi or Oxygen. These are the msot Stable ROM´s out there. In your choice between Sense and plan Android is your own choice. I got back to Sense after Month´s of using CyanogenMOD ! Sense is better for everyday use. If u like to have a very very good UI and a Stable Phone u should test the senseDHD rom from Baddnwz! V1 .8 is very speedy and stable! ANd its has a great look!
  6. HTC Hero get updates sometimes from Paul. So why should he left the Desire so fast? Edit: All Sense ROM´s have less changes in there Changelog! Paul has done enough he will put updates if he think it necesary!
  7. Yes im "happy" with OpenDesire but i always prefer Pauls ROM´s .... his ROM should be way better i think :)
  8. Paul i think here is the Board where i should ask this question. The Kernel Sources are released and we have some good Froyo-ROM´s and if i use Sense i always use your ROM because it is the best. But what is with the Nexus One Port for the Desire? Will there be updates? Or maybe an AOSP ROM with CyanogenMOD goodies? I would love this so much =)
  9. Search for USB Brick Fix this will help
  10. Dropped my Desire several times and there is no Damage =) All is fine! Great Phone!
  11. There is a place for this! :huh:
  12. bcm4329.ko is module for a kernel. So it has to be patched for our Kernel and therefore we have to wait for the Kernel Sources.
  13. Look at your Wifi Connection Upload is always lower then Download this is normal at the internet. Because if download u can download from many sources an if u upload u upload only from your source ;-)
  14. +1 Or you are a Kernel hacker and hack us the sources thanks =)
  15. No one could help you ^^ Your thread was i cant say it ^^ You installed Ubuntu and u have Problems with Windows? ^^ funny
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