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  1. Thanks Paul, I understand, we'll be waiting. But HTC seems not so reactive in these first days of One series sales; not a good idea considering dropping profits and so near Samsung S3 launch. The main issue is screen on battery usage. It doesn't seem that China 1.28 solved it.
  2. I totally agree with dherrero, my experience was the same... As Iphone 4 user and lover I can say that SGS2 is a serious competitor of Apple products, LG behavior is totally absurd, launching an immature product with no support (apart wonderful job from independent devolopers)... I sold it after a month and now I'm a happy owner of SGS2, waiting for recovery and new roms (I hope) but just to have fun, cause the phone is almost perfect.
  3. I don't think this is the correct thread to speak about CM7 :mellow: ...but the answer is yes, apart for my problems with call drops (operator H3G Italy - UMTS). Now I have just flashed CM#5.
  4. The only thing stopping me from going back to Modaco (now CM7 #4) is battery life, optimal with CM7, and minimal with modaco releases at least from fr12. Paul is there a solution to battery drain of your ROM's? Thanks.
  5. Dear Paul, thanks for your fantastic job. The kitchen is not working for me now...any problem?
  6. Sorry for the very very very stupid question for a monster like you, but you're trying the fm radio with the earphone in? Thanks again for your fantastic job.
  7. Thanks a lot Paul, it works! Bye
  8. Hello everybody. Quick boot doesn't work on my nexus one with modaco custom rom 1.6. Any suggestion for an alternative? Thanks.
  9. I'm using in Itally with h3g, ok ere27 + mcr 1.5. I notice again some call drops, but I think that it's again a problem in the 3g basic firmware problem (radio). What do you think about it?
  10. dear paul, starting from a modaco custom rom 1.4 I was able only to make the radio upgrade with your file... when I try to flash all the other options (online kitchen or not) it hangs after few seconds during reboot and I need to go back to previus rom. So I have new radio but with old applications (no multitouch) please help thanks
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