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    MCR r22.1 archive

    I cant get search function anywhere on the rom to work. I get a reboot everytime i use search.
  2. RELEASED----New Mirror, 4shared Broke The Download Now using drop.io until Android Spin lets me upload! This is for a20 and a21 NOT a19 and lower! This is for pauls desire rom. Not for desire Phones! This is a theme ive been workin on for a while. Its for desire(obviously). Before i release it id like to get some input. Id like to thank G1lucky, Manup, And paul from modaco. Manup is my inspiration, if it wasnt for him id already left this community. Enough talk heres the screenies. UPLOADING NOW PLEASE BE PATIENT Official Beta 1.0 -Complete skinning of the htc.resources.apk -Complete skinning of framework-res.apk -New lockscreen look -Next ill be workin on the apps! Beta v0.2 Release 12am est -No Glass Launcher Buttons For Now Having Trouble :/ -Font included -Fixed 3g icons -New Signal icons -new battery icon -And hopefully manups promotional wallpaper next update. Beta v0.1 -update op in the morning im tired, id like to thank manup for the template and the update script. And also next release will have a Promotional wallpaper from manup himself. Enjoy. BTW i know about the notification icons and 3gicon issues they will be resolved in nightly updates. ENJOY:D Things to do -Fix 3g icons -add manups custom wallpaper -finish theming htc.resources.apk(gonna take a while) -make rosie launcher buttons look like glass, and not the entire launcher. DOWNLOAD1
  3. So i definetly cant use this on emnother or nobody has tried?

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