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  1. Starting to look more and more like an FB issue. I work for an IT company and we provide proxies for our clients to protect their web browsing... Facebook has an issue at the moment with proxied browsing. Wondering if the Facebook for HTC Sense goes through some kind of proxy like HTC.FACEBOOK.COM and maybe its broken. Im going to wait a few days and i have raised the bug with Facebook. HTC forums is riddled with it too.
  2. So I have BL0.80 and 1.21.xxxx software. I tried the unrevoked root and it gave me SU access but everything still worked fine. I didnt realise that Titanium Backup said it had an issue with getting root access unless you had a copy of busybox. I assumed therefore that I didnt have root. I decided last night to download and install R6-desire-update-alt.zip and root that way as it looked like a more thorough and clean option. I have done this, but on reboot (after a wipe and without a wipe) the Facebook for HTC Sense account wont login. I get an error saying: "This service is currently unavailable, would you like to try again". I found limited information on t'internet about it but many had the same issue after "flashing" their android devices. I subsequently "un-rooted" with the original software RUU from HTC but the problem still exists. Has anyone else had this issue? I like the app because i like how it finds my facebook contacts and utilises pictures etc. Would be a shame not to have use of it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Tom
  3. I wish to use the root software for my HBOOT0.80 but everytime I try to download via Mediafire I get a mediafire "user is out of resources" message. I tried the download mirror and it downloads 700kb of 200+mb and claims its complete. I open it and its an incomplete file. Anyone know where else I can locate r6-desire-root-alt.zip? Thanks tom
  4. Hey All, Firstly, I'm Tom and ive recently got the HTC Hero (on T Mobile UK). I created a goldcard and installed a generic HTC rom to begin with just to lose the T Mobile branding. Tonight I used FLASHREC and the CM-RECOVERY.IMG method to install the custom modaco rom. Its the Modaco Custom ROM 3.1 Core. Is this already rooted, or do I need to root this if I wish to remove stuff etc. I really have no clue and all my searching hasnt given me too much to go by. If I need to Root this rom, how do I do it? Thanks Tom
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