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  1. Hi yavin4, I miss the files eT9.German.Ldb.dll eT9.Dis.Qwerty.German.kbd.dll usually located in directory //Windows/Programs/Tegic/eT9 Could you please check, if you have them and send a copy to me (e.g. to <my nick> at online.de ) or just upload them here ? Thanks, tantedroll
  2. Hi all, could please someone upload or send the files: eT9.German.Ldb.dll eT9.Dis.Qwerty.German.kbd.dll from his Windows/Programs/Tegic/eT9 directory ? It seems, otherwise I will not be able to enhance my SGH i320 wm5 with german t9 support. Thanks a lot, tante
  3. Hi folks, for PPC there is icontact recommended and a precise procedure to replace the default call list application in the registry is published. But I cannot found a port of icontact for smartphones . I sthere something similar for smartphones ? How can I improve the call list, displayed on this phone ? Thanks, Thomas
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