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  1. navahoo

    Asus preparing Nexus 7 3G variant?

    did u already receive a gift from google for spreading this one day before the non-3g n7 is launched in serveral european countries?
  2. navahoo

    MCR r21 Archive

    for all those having problems with shortcuts on beautiful widget, the problems seems to be solved and will be fixed in the next version! :)
  3. navahoo

    MCR r21 Archive

    never installed it to sd. tried a lot of things - reinstallation, clearing data, set shortcut manually, another launcher, reflashing r21 - but still not working!??!
  4. navahoo

    MCR r21 Archive

    anybody got beautiful widget running on r21 and all shortcuts working? lost the alarm clock entry somehow...???
  5. navahoo

    MCR r21 Archive

    got a weird behaviour of the music player. if shuffle is set, sound stops in the end of one song and is not jumping automaticially to the next one... only works with party shuffle on!??!
  6. navahoo

    ClockSync - synchronize device clock via NTP

    any chance you´ll add a 3 hours intervall?
  7. navahoo

    ClockSync - synchronize device clock via NTP

    awesome app, u r the man, thanks a lot!
  8. same same here... any solution yet?
  9. does the su user apk also control the bluetooth connection? i´m using the openwatch app and can´t establish a connection anymore since upgrading to 2.1!?!
  10. will there be issues updating a "additions" 1.8 with a "no addtions" 1.9? and what´s the easiest way? thanks!
  11. as it´s my second day on my first custom rom, i´m a 100% sure it never happend before on stock rom, neither erd79 nor ere27!
  12. found a different behaviour compared to the stock rom. when i take the n1 out of the dock with audio support activated, the player starts automaticially! and the htc_ime error occured to me too, so i´ve uninstalled the apk with adb and it seems that v13 running stable and stopped that annoying popup!!
  13. maybe kind of a noob question, but how do i uninstall wave secure?

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