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  1. my "windows default" template is missing. İ install Neomix dark 5 but i can't use titanium. How can i re-install windows default template?
  2. You're right reay1234. i agree your all thinks. I'm only saying i8000 photos has more grain(noise) when i look its detail even in bright ambient. I've looked the website photos you said, photos were fixed by ACD Systems software. Also phone versions are different. Maybe GT-i8000H model is better than mine.
  3. Do you believe your photo good is? I don't think so. Your photo has more grain. When I compare O2 and N95 photo deails i see O2 photos has more grain and brightness is very bad. O2 photos can fix only using software. You can look some photos i compared O2 and N95. Omnia II photo N95 Photo Omnia II detail N95 detail
  4. Autofocus doesnt work in some first times. When switch on/off it works or switch record mod on/off. I don't know what the problem is. Also i8000 photo quality is not good. There isn't any solution to fix even all roms. :lol:
  5. We can set audio record format (like mp3, amr,wav) in audio recording and it is very clearly and loudly. But in camera audio quality is not good. Is there anybody to try or know how improve the audio quality? Note: PDA: I8000NXXJG5, PHONE: I8000XXJF1 Video record info MPEG-4 , 720x480 AAC , 32000hz, stereo
  6. I want to disable power button only switch off function, is there any program you know?
  7. I like JD1 rom but some problems are boring! for example; I can't find "input settings". I installed cliquick but I can't change keyboard theme because it doesn't any menu. ;) please help me.
  8. I'm very suprised! How can you set audio codec "AAC" on Omnia II? I couldn't find any options video recording menu?
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