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  1. I cant flash this bin, even if I flash a previous bin, it still said that I need 20mo or more free space on my phone
  2. I flashed an old bin (1.100.00) but still this message :s
  3. Still "Available internal memory is insufficient. Please make sure that you have over 20MB of free space" even I flashed 1.100.00 before :s
  4. Hi, I just received this by mail: Here is the pdf: http://www.acer-android.fr/presse/FP_Liquid_Mini.pdf
  5. Informations and feedback in french : http://www.acer-android.fr/aosp-vache-t1725.html
  6. I cant install Acer Launcher, I check the checkbox, it say downloading and installing, and nothing is installed :)
  7. The front of the Liquid Metal with touchwizz UI ? hum....
  8. Why bin is called Acer_LiquidE and not Acer_LiquidF like first bin ?
  9. I can't see it anymore on Acer download center
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