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  1. Actually, you can find it with Appsbrain but then you get a message saying the device is not compatible with it ! Not sure whether it's ROM related though but I'm sure Paul will be able to give us the proper direction (tried everything I could find such as cleanning market data, uninstalling/reinstalling, etc...) The worst thing is that reflashing a ROM NAvigon was showing and working on doesn't work either now with the same messae showing ! EDIT : don't think it has anything to do with this ROM or any other for this matter : flashed back stock image from Google and the issue is still here. Sorry for the unconvenience =(
  2. Hello I can't find Navigon navigation software on the market with this new Rom had been working with all previous releases I remember issues in the past with this due to wrong system date/time but it's not the case here. Can you please tell me how to get it back ? Thank you !
  3. Or Devs to crack the encryption, whichever comes first !
  4. No S-OFF means security off and has nothing to do with simlock It's very unlikely you have a s-off device if you want to be sure, reboot in bootloader mode : turn off fastboot option than turn off phone and reboot it by pressing volume down + power
  5. Weird : we have the very same version but I don't have this "attract" mode you're mentionning. What does it look like ?
  6. Actually, rooting with Psneuter exploit works very well on the Sensation but for it to work, yopu need unsecure boot that can only be flashed on S-OFF devices =(
  7. Why ? I have an ENG S-OFF sensation, flashed stock ROM from HTC and it updated my Hboot to Ship S-OFF but could flash the dump back
  8. Confirmed : that's in the power options And yes, the SGSII boots way faster than the Sensation with fastboot off =)
  9. Thanks ! Probably gonna sound like an idiot proposing that to you, Paul, but if you need ENG-HBOOT, the file is there : http://www.multiupload.com/AXKSFJ2UUD Flashed it after a stock ROM brought my device to SHIP S-OFF and worked like a charm =) By the way and if it saves you sometimes to spend, for example, on the EMMc crypto ;) , you also have the unsecure boot.img from Bin4ary on that topic on XDA : http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1107798
  10. made my choice already and keeping both =) SGSII is more powerful, straight-forward device, Sensation has better finish and excellent UI in my opinion so don't know which one to let go Paul : did you receive your device S-OFFed (SHIP or ENG) ?
  11. No big deal since i extracted the hboot already and still have s-off!
  12. Benchmarks mean nothing and the supposely weaknesses of the Sensation don't spoil the user experience on a daily basis, that's all that matters to me i have both devices in hand and they both have their pros and cons
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