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  1. Since it bootloops, i can't logcat, but i should be able to get some kernel log after some changes in ramdisk.
  2. Bootloop with last kernel. Will try to get some dmesg.
  3. Didn't keep log. Rebuilding...
  4. Still black screen but not the same error.
  5. In hardware/qcom/display/liboverlay/overlayUtils.h : #define NUM_FB_DEVICES 3 You could try to change this to : #define NUM_FB_DEVICES 2 Then recompil liboverlay. It's more a workaround than a fix cause we're missing an entry in /dev/graphics/ (created by kernel).
  6. As easier way, you could just use 4.6 from Google like Shreps said. Check the "prebuilts" folder. Edit : You may add a ".gitignore" file on the root of kernel folder to get rid of all compiled (.o; .cmd;...) files when comitting.
  7. I had this error, but can't remember how i fixed this. I'll make some research. Edit : Did you try to clean and make again ?
  8. Working with smali is not really easy and need spare time. You can find some tuts on XDA for other phones/ROM but you will have to understand what you do to backport changes. Help to understand smali : http://pallergabor.uw.hu/androidblog/dalvik_opcodes.html - http://source.android.com/devices/tech/dalvik/dalvik-bytecode.html Helpfull application (Virtuous Ten Studio - IDE for smali) : http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1619473
  9. Better after using default CM10.1 libc.so, but now still have same graphic bootloop issue. Logcat : http://pastebin.com/cAQuVHXC dmesg : http://pastebin.com/3Dc7nybL
  10. Github website have a really good wiki. ;) Of course, you can just upload your device tree somewhere then i'll make a new branch for CM10.1.
  11. It could be better using Github ;)
  12. Looks like because compiled libc.so is overwrited by the one in our vendor/device tree (Acer one). You may try to use libc.so from another cm10.1 ROM or don't use the Acer one.
  13. Yes it boots with another kernel. You may check if it uses the right defconfig when building kernel.
  14. Did not boot for me. Stuck at boot logo. Seems to be a kernel issue.
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