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  1. I tried wiping and flashing two times. Wifi does not connect to network even after several phone restarts.
  2. I don't seem to have any lag in v3c that was not present in previous versions already. DSPManager works. Just copy the attached apk into /system/app using root explorer and set the permissions as follows: XXO XOO XOO DSPManager.rar
  3. Great! Will test ASAP. Now I guess the only thing left to fix is the low volume of sound recording :)
  4. I tried flashing the Wakelock fixed LiquidParts into v3b ROM in order to get the Swap function working. Now my LiquidParts is not working. FC when i try to launch it :(
  5. Try flashing the same files from LiquidNext. That ROM does not have recording bug.
  6. Yes this ROM has the same bug.
  7. DSP Manager does not work :(. Constant FC's. The reason I wanted it was, to enable slight Dynamic Range Compression and slight Bass Boost for my headset. It improves the audio perception significantly when coupled with the beats audio which is already in the rom.
  8. I flashed this today and it's awesome! However I have 2 questions: 1. What do I do if i want to enable swap? Some games need it to start up as 256MB ram just doesn't cut it. 2. Can I flash DSPManager into this without problems?
  9. I have it but my upload sucks. Its less than 10kB/s.
  10. Flash it and then flash gapps package for CM7 from the website
  11. a2sd with data to sd seemed to work fine with "CM72FC-V2-Ainillia-150912.zip" for me from liquidparts, but i dont remember how i did it :P. As you said, its not working on "salsa-ota-eng.lupohirp.zip". I tried running the terminal commands and it seems to have worked but i have no way of verifying. a2sd check command doesnt work after rebooting and cannot use a2sdgui with this rom. So i'm gonna finally try link2sd :P
  12. I got the recovery.img from goo.im and flashed it seperately. Thanks anyways. Edit: I made a clean install of "salsa-ota-eng.lupohirp.zip" using TWRP but am unable to enable ad2sd from liquidparts. after i reboot, it still shows unchecked. a2sd worked fine. I am going to try flashing stock froyo bin and then come back to salsa and see.
  13. You are being overly harsh. try developing a ROM yourself, then you will appreciate the hard work that goes into it. The rom is extremely stable and fast. If there is something that is problematic, you simply report it. Personally, I simply removed the launcher and installed my favorite one. Problem solved. I wanted DSP Manager so I flashed it. Problem Solved. I didn't like the boot animation so i removed it. Problem solved. The only thing that remains is to increase the sensitivity of voice recording, which I have not figured out yet.
  14. This doesnt work in CM7.2. The phone stops booting. LCR was based on original ROM so it had no problems there.
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