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  1. I have to do my internship in Spain! my spanish is (yet) not really good, so maybe some of the spanish users can help: i need a spanish prepaid SIM Card where i can get a UMTS/HDSPA Flatrate for around 10-20 euros? any infos on that??? Thanks
  2. Hi. where do you think is the best and cheapest way to buy Android devices? should be a pay as you go device or a sim-lock free one! t-mobile and orange in england have sometimes cheap onesa.... Are there some carriers which offer cheap ones? thanks!
  3. i bought my t-mobile pulse in the uk, so i still have a uk sim card and yes i only want it as mp3 player... (and for having a shitty backup if mine is crashing :) )
  4. this is really cheap, okay the color is not.... my favorite one :) i'm thinking of getting me one, just for having this as a mp3 player. i read on the internet, it has a 3.5 mm Audio, not a 2.5 like the normal T-Mobile Pulse has, right? that sounds good to me. Is anyone of you UK Guys interested in buying one for me? you can have the SIM Card with 6 months free internet (for the 10 pounds up) and i pay for the phone for the pounds??? just message me! thanks
  5. .... how is it going at the moment with the 2.2 ?
  6. damned... i had partitioned my sd card before flb1.4 update then i was going into the rom manager....... clicked on SD partition in the rom manager... now i'm stuck into boot loader (i mean where the skating droid is in a circle) nothing happens since minutes...
  7. back on the map!!!!!!!!!! yeah!!!! now i'm loading the flb 1.4.1 - what a cool bootscreen problem was: partitioning without battery only with usb is NOT WORKING... what a shitty thing.... the problem in all the guides is: 140 page is much much to read.... anyway... now i can go to sleep!!! yeah
  8. ok, re-partitionated it with linux gparted again... that works but if i try then: amon ra: partition sd - it reboots always... s***
  9. could it be, that the sd card is crashed? i switched now from Clockwork recvoery back to amon ra... now i try the partition sd card (16gb) 0 swap 1024 ext2 and the mobile restarts always while paritioning the ext.... :D do you know what to do, bigbear? would be leiwand :D
  10. ok, changed it my main problem, why i cant update a new zip, is that i cant mount my sd card....? i'm using the clockwork mod recoverey in this i'm also missing the opportunity (like in the RA recovery) to partitonate the SD card over the recovery menu? (sorry, i was really looking old threads via search.. but its not easy to find the right in 149 pages (flb thread) maybe this would be good to have in a extra todo thread?
  11. thanks big bear, i flashed a boot from my nandroid... now i'm able to go back to recovery... is there anywhere mentioned how to set up my sd card with gparted? 1st partition ext2 1gb 2nd partion fat 32 13,7gb 3rd linux-swap 300 mb right? or better?
  12. Okay, i did something really stupid, it looks like it killed my boot sector.... (i was deleting SD Card and so on) now, when i go to bootloader mode i get the following: a listing from 0-5: i tried with fastboot flash recovery recovery-clockwork- to repair it and get: sending "recovery (2758 kb) ....OK writing Recovery .... OKAY but nothing changes, it i press - power volume down red or power volume up red any idea? a link what to do? i'm googling and cant find anything... at the moment i have a 150,- brick next to me :D
  13. could maybe please somebody tell me how i have to config my sd card? if i do it with gparted, ... swap 0mb next partition 1 gb for the apps as ext2 rest of the sd for mp3s and stuff as fat32? right? thanks
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