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  1. I'm now using Hangouts to send SMS, but I can't find anywhere to replace the Messages app on the slide lockscreen with Hangouts; or even to disable the Messaging app completely. Any ideas?
  2. You can also get the 8Gb from Phones4U for £99 via PAYG upgrade, and the phone is unlocked.
  3. Direct Link. This is where I got mine, you can get it delivered to a store or to your home for an extra fee. Also 4% Quidco.
  4. Shouldn't this be possible? I click on Connected Devices, then Video, then the video I want to watch then in the players list it doesn't pick up the PS3. Even with 2D video, MP3 file or just a JPG none work. Am I missing something?
  5. I like the idea of syncing your BookFace/Twitter/LinkedIn contacts from the HTC FriendStream app but it drives me mad and I've turned it off. I basically only want to sync these contacts which already exist in my Google contacts, but for each one it adds in new contacts which infuriates me. I know on the People app you can switch off which contacts to see, but you can't do this on the list of contacts that show up when you hit Phone on the homescreen.
  6. Guys, Just bought one of these, coming from a ZTE Blade this thing is a beast! Not too fussed about custom ROMs (had enough of those with the Blade) so waiting for the official ICS. These things are selling pretty cheap in the UK, Asda Direct (of all places) have it for £250 and Expansys for £285. I got mine from Asda and for that price it's a steal.
  7. Very nice - finally an excuse to sort out my partitions. When I Gen2'd my phone I used the stock partitions which left had a tiny partition for apps. I used the Windows tool with the new 160Mb partition then flashed Vanilla and it's a very quick ROM! I thought CAE was good ... Battery life doesn't bother me much, I turn off data (just have Wi-Fi) and no BT so as long as it lasts me a day it's fine. One bug though - I can't configure proximity or light sensors using the built-in eMode helper? When I try to calibrate I get a FC, then when I try again the screen goes blank and I have to press home. Then I have to reboot to try again. My auto-brightness does nothing. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  8. FAIL Mate this ain't Twitter or Facebook, I think you must be a troll because on-one with any ounce of common sense would ask for a response to a post in a thread after 20 minutes?
  9. I've had this cutting out this on my stock ROM, and JJ. I had to turn off WiFi and it was fine. Maybe try that?
  10. I' noq gwtting Market FCs even after reboot and wipe cache. Anyone else? GEN2 OLED
  11. I'd like to know this too ... SS and JJ never used to need to wipe everything ...
  12. OK so had to start again with CAE, put 1.1 on and used Titanium Backup to restore everything and it's all pretty sweet! One issue is with Spare Parts, when clicking on Battery History I get a FC. Also when uninstalling X9IME via SystemAppRemover I kept getting FCs too (not a big deal).
  13. Argh - downloaded 1.0 yesterday, flashed it this morning and now there's a 1.1! Can I just apply over without wiping everything again? BTW - great fast ROM (1.0). I removed some apps which I didn't need but it looks super!
  14. Hi, First up - great ROM - I went from JJ9 to CM7 and although it runs Gingerbread which had some nice features it was slower and the Bluetooth doesn't work which is critical for me. I should never have left the great work of KK ... :) Also WiFi connects back up when coming out of sleep for me without the fix apps and the proximity sensor FINALLY seems to work (at least the secret dialer code tester says so but will try on a call later). Quick Q - Just installed this ROM as Gen2 on my Gen1 device, everything went smoothly but I can't move apps to SD via the Settings > Applications tab like I used to (e.g. Astro File Manager can be moved). I used to have JJ9 and it worked fine on there - for good measure I repartitioned the SD card with a 128Mb ext partition and a 64Mb swap. Any ideas? From what I read DT's A2SD is built-in so do I not need to worry about this i.e. all apps are moved to SD by default?
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