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  1. After a few months of "meditation", I have arrived at a conclusion: Due to insufficient drivers/funds, the JTAG adapter will remain attached and be sold with the device along with its headphone adapter and USB cable. Does anyone on here feel like spending money for it? Its just a quick driver installation away from repair. ;) Thanks for all your help, fellow members of the community, but we must move on. - 2 Bunny
  2. So, I haven't visited this board since March. At that point, I thought the Omnia community was dead, and now I come back, and there are still people like me looking to repair their JTAG problems. It looks like now, "H JTAG" supports pxa300 all of the sudden, so all we need to do is figure out how. This partially translated page looks promising: http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=e...topic%3D15062.0 I have found the linked to locations, "H JTAG" and MacGraegor "OCDemon". I have already attached a JTAG to USB adapter, and if I can get the battery recharged, we'll be good to go if something works for sure here. If someone can look into this, this may still be doable. - 2 Bunny
  3. Yeah, the Omnia's Resistive screen is single touch (and in some ways superior, but we're not even going to dive into that in this thread), but the HD2 does have a Capacitive screen, if I'm not mistaken. Not sure about multi touch. Just thought I'd throw that in there. The hardware would not support it though, you are right about that. - 2 Bunny
  4. And he is still offering the service? Does he do it for the Samsung Omnia i910 as well? How would I go about contacting him? Sorry for all these questions (LOL!), I'm a bit eager to get this fixed and sold before the value drops to zero. - 2 Bunny
  5. How much is the cost, and how much is shipping? - 2 Bunny
  6. So any new updates in the community? Don't be shy, guys. :huh: - 2 Bunny
  7. Any updates? The community has been a little bit quiet lately, LOL! I could rarely find any broken screen omnias on eBay. Is this odd?? - 2 Bunny
  8. Don't mean to make you feel late or anything, but that reply, which only would have applied about two months ago was not the problem anyway. You know what, that is not a half bad deal. I'll look for some of those. If you see any, or any price ranges let me know. I'll be scouting eBay as well. If anyone else has an omnia with a broken screen, I may in fact be willing to buy it, so this is your opprotunity, people of the community! - 2 Bunny
  9. You need more than that, you need a JTAG repair. If when you turn it on the red light comes on and stays on, then you indeed need a JTAG repair. If you just get stuck at an omnia logo - DON'T MAKE THE SAME STUPID MISTAKE I DID! No, its been off for quite a while. And the bootloader is totally broke, but no dice. Any new suggestions here in the community? - 2 Bunny
  10. 2 Bunny

    Why no UP arrow key?

    Still no ideas here from the community? - 2 Bunny
  11. So, anything new in the community on JTAG Repairs for this music player? Got a thread going in the usb jtag community forums, and this one guy may be able to help. - 2 Bunny
  12. Since my little "excursion" with the Samsung Omnia, I have since received an offer to get an HTC Diamond CDMA at a low cost, and was trying it out with some emulators, but I was disappointed to find that the device lacks an up arrow key. If you're gonna have left, right, and down keys, you NEED an up arrow! What is up with that? Sorry just to start an entire thread to rant, but this is just ridiculous. Strange too, as nobody has ever complained about it (maybe I'm the only person using emulators on it that actually wants to use the up arrow <_< ). All I found in an internet search was people complaining about the right arrow key, which to be honest, I have never had a problem with ever before. So, is there a solution? Obviously you can't fix a button that isn't there, but what I mean is, can you have a virtual D Pad? I tried that "G Controller", but it doesn't work right with the emulators, so maybe someone can find a different "virtual d pad" software program. - 2 Bunny
  13. 2 Bunny

    Turn TouchFlo 3D on and off?!

    TouchFlow is nothing more than a plugin for the today screen, and thus all you have to do is stop in the settings in the first tab that shows up (I forget the name), stop at the today screen tab, and from there you can customize your today plugins. - 2 Bunny
  14. Haha! Glad my thread here helped someone at least. <_< As for the JTAG issue, the community has been a bit quiet lately. Any new findings? - 2 Bunny
  15. 2 Bunny

    Windows Mobile 7...

    LOL! Maybe I'm just a control freak or something... Or maybe I just can't stand how inefficient the "toilet paper interface" is. I HATE having to bloop my finger/stylus accross the screen a million times to get to the bottom of a long forum thread or other lengthy internet page. - 2 Bunny

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