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  1. how to enable "windows setting" in winmo 6.1? Help me pls...
  2. yes it is... I bought in singapore, and have firmware like that. but now, I am using secany ROM firmware. but i never back up my original firmware :)
  3. Can u upload ur CSC? now I am using secany's CSC with 02 branded.
  4. aries_park

    [ASK] Disable Samsung SMS Skin

    I still dont understand. would u teach me step by step with simple. coz my english is too bad :9
  5. just ask, how to enable windows mobile threaded SMS skin with original samsung ROM.
  6. we are know, omnia sms skin is too slow when we send SMS. so I want to change skin to windows mobile deafult skin, but with threaded sms. Anybody know about to change it? Pls help me...
  7. the most I love this ROM is windows mobile threaded sms... :( but the bottom navigation is too big.. :(
  8. can non branded b7610 flash with vodafone firmware? it's lock or unlock?
  9. there is not option for video call how to make a video call?
  10. aries_park

    wifi signal is weak

    hmm... I think its a bug..
  11. aries_park

    wifi signal is weak

    yes, coz we bought in singapore... maybe B7610 must to upgrade firmware.. bahasa inggris kacau :D
  12. well.. actually I really love this ROM. But, the bottom of navigation is too big. Some applications display was diseaper with the bottom navigation. Like slick chat application. would u fixed that? :D my stupid english :D
  13. would u check for my phone firmware? my phone: PDA: B7610NXXIK4 CSC: B7610NXSOIK5 PHONE : B7610XXIK1 Thanks so much...
  14. There is to much PAR2 files.. all of PAR2 file have to download?

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