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  1. it's just beautiful...thank you very much ^^ can you upload the black theme and wallpapers??
  2. you will do a rom with alternative homescreen or only with titanium??
  3. are u going to upload another BlackDroiD Theme without bugs?
  4. i have this problem where i installa Genix9_CMultiClock_Neo_0.9.1 "/programFiles/CMultiClock/plgFiles/default.plg does not exist
  5. i would like to have titanium with this skin (htc click....)
  6. can someone give me a cab to install new titanium like this?? http://www.modaco.com/content-page/279938/...splay/page/560/ sb. screen
  7. where can i find this wallpaper?? http://www.modaco.com/content/uploads/mont...16623_thumb.png
  8. there a way to install all the manila with only 1 cab?? if my English is not correct to forgive is because I use the translator google
  9. can someone upload the file in the first page???
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