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  1. Someone still alive on these threads? I need some help. My new HTC fell to pieces so I took this old friend out of the box (B7610) and installed this ROM. Now my keyboard seems to be working unproperly. If I press alt - (left-arrow) for a question mark the cursor just goes left and I can't seem to type a '?' Anyone able to help me with this?
  2. As soon as I get my hands on those ROMS I will post them on Usenet. For those who are not familiar with it, you should ;)
  3. Zommes


    Me neither, what does it mean? edit: Meh, I'm 2 years too late with that I guess.
  4. Nevermind! I already fixed this. I had to install the Samsung Settings to get the GPRS verification to CHAP and it worked. :P
  5. Somehow this ROM makes it impossible to automatically use the network settings on your SIM...? Or am I missing something? I can call, sms, etc. But I can´t use 3G internet because my provider settings are not set, normally, also with custom (lite) builds, he takes them from my SIM.
  6. First of all, thanks a lot for this Rom. Second, I'm total new to this, so my questions could sound retarded for you people. The only thing I ever flashed before was my iPod and it was a failure. My question is very simple, I think: Has there been something changed about the (internet) connection settings with this ROM? I seem to have a letter 'H' now instead of the 3G/3G+ symbol on the top of the screen. My download rate is slightly lower but my ping is dramatically high now. Could this be because of the new ROM? Thanks!

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