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  1. Anyone know the internet settings for TMob so I can manually enter them on my TomTom ?
  2. I'm having a problem with my Touch HD. I can only connect to the internet via wi-fi. When I try to connect on 3g the H icon at the top of the screen is "greyed out" but shows a good signal. When I go to Comm Manager the Data Connection switch is off. When I switch it on the phone tries to connect and the Data Connection is on for a few seconds then switches off I've tried several soft re-sets and re-setting the connect to T-Mobile. Could anyone offer any suggestions ? :D Must have been a prob with T-Mob I'm back up and running ;)
  3. Yeah I stumbled across this at the weekend. It's a pig to set up but seems to do a job. Only thing is it rounds up calls to the next minute, so a call of only a few seconds registers a minute on the counter. My 700 free minutes are dissapearing at a vast rate of knots :D If it could monitor in minutes and seconds it would be good
  4. Is there any software that will monitor outgoing calls and also the amount of data used ? Something like Spb Wireless Monitor with the ability to monitor outgoing calls would be ideal. Help !
  5. My program page has only ever shown 3 icons across - as shown in the manual. :excl:
  6. Whoooohoooo ! BBC mobile homepage up and running on Opera. Must have been a problem at the BBC end, still its a bit strange but I don't care cos its working now :excl:
  7. Hi, thanks for checking it out, looks like it might be a problem with the updated ROM. I'll try and re-flash and see what happens edit I've re-flashed the Rom and it's made no difference. I can get the standard text only version of BBC mobile but when I try the enhanced version I get the wrong page. Anyone got any suggestions ?
  8. I'm using BBC Mobile as my home page (enhanced version) but for the past few days Opera won't open it. I can get it using IE but I much prefer using Opera. I've searched Opera forum with no success. Has anyone had a similar problem? I was wondering if anyone could quickly check to see if they could log onto bbc.co.uk/mobile using Opera, I would then know if the problem was with my Touch HD or a problem with Opera. BTW I'm using the updated HTC Rom, if that makes any difference. I would be grateful if anyone could spend a couple of minutes of their time to help me
  9. Yeah same here, not worth the hastle of restoring everything. I was sort of hoping that it might resolve the bluetooth issue. In hindsight - if its not broken........... :excl:
  10. There's an updated Touch HD Rom on the HTC website. I've downloaded it - but not had the balls to flash it yet :excl: I might try with a clear head in the morning :excl: Oh bugger that means no drink tonight :excl:
  11. Just done exactly the same as you! Decided to bite the bullet and get a new contract (Combi 30 - 700mins Unlimited Texts 1Gb WnW) with a new number as the upgrades offered by T-Mobile were rubbish. The guy at mobilephonesdirect was very helpful and the whole transaction took only a few minutes over the phone. Rang 3.00pm Friday got the phone next morning B) So I'll be using all my texts to let people know my new number :(
  12. I take it you have already flashed your Rom ? If so (the usual questions!) - which Rom did you switch to, where did you get it, any problems during the flashing process and did you manage to find a copy of the original TMob Rom for returns purposes ? Sorry for all the questions but I am a complete numptie :(
  13. Just been on T-Mob web site and noticed that the Touch Dual, Vario III and Omnia are no longer available. Could they be making way for Touch HD ?????? I'm due an upgrade soon and had resigned myself to the Touch Pro , but............... :(
  14. Thanks for the tip. I've downloaded S2U2 and i'm trying it out on my old Touch. It seems to do a really good job once it's been set-up. My Vario IV upgrade seems to be getting closer !!! :(
  15. Anyone tried to change T-Mob theme on vario iv ? :)
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