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  1. Swedish Snow RLS7 ICS DOLBY by DOC3000 Based on Swedish Snow RLS7 and ICS for Swedish Snow Final by sami_22 theme Thanks to KonstaT, sami_22, C3C0. - Full Dolby Audio from ZTE Skate - enable/disable Dolby Audio in Settings Warning: Not all players are working with this ROM!!! Tested: - not working: Winamp Pro, PowerAmp, NeutronMP, Soundbest music player - working: stock player, Play Music, JetAudio, n7player, Astro Player, Music PlayerPro Installation instructions: 1) Download ZIP to your SD card 2) Reboot to ClockworkMod recovery 3) (Optional) Backup your current ROM 4) Wipe data / factory reset, Wipe cache, Advanced / wipe dalvik cache 5) Install zip from SD card / choose zip from SD card, confirm 6) Reboot Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?ziutbir7ti1b75l
  2. Please let me know if you have 2.3 kernel source code.
  3. 1. I install MIUI themes from SD card and it works fine for me. 2. I didn't find any theme for MIUI v.4 3. This topic will be closed and moved on xda-developers. PS. to tilal6991: your ROM is based on MIUI v.4 2.2.1, not 2.2.24
  4. I don't plan any competition. I've made this ROM for myself and Russian users. I've decided to share my work for others users. No one is forcing you to use this ROM. P.S. This thread will be deleted.
  5. My ROM is based on MIUI 2.2.24 MIUI 2.2.24 Changelog: Additionally MIUI 2.2.24 is more stable and fast than 2.2.17
  6. Sorry for my impolite post but I've spent 4 days to make MIUI 2.2.24 working and to fix general bugs
  7. My congrats with your create_MIUI.zip B) BUT I don't advertise my ROM in your topic. :angry:
  8. you can launch google account setup from CONTACTS or Market we need to wait youtube support from Burstlam. not right now
  9. I don't want to compare my ROM with the MIUIBlader. Let's see. I think that it's good for daily use.
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