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  1. Comparing the price with Samsung's flagship and Sony's half generation delayed dual core flagship.. I did not feel LG is premium priced...
  2. This is why LG don't need to update their software too often... as most of us would buy a new one anyway. Would you still want to keep the old phone and wait for updates ? Hopefully, LG could release the source code quicker.. and we'll have a better software over XDA.. or here I guess most of us here.. would not focus on the official ROM's feature too much.. The only thing we could not alter is the Hardware and the Outlook of the phone, that's the manufacturer need to consider the most.
  3. I'm buying the hardware, not the software. Nexus phones should have the best software among all android phones.. but still there's plenty of custom ROMs for them. I guess we actually want the driver of the hardware rather than the firmware itself. hopefully there's manufacturer could release the drivers.
  4. An even smarter product manager will not update their ageing product at all. Just buy the new one ! :)
  5. Seems fake... as the UI said, TouchWiz 5.0 ?! and the screen using OLED ? seems doesn't make sense.
  6. If it is real... this is the only option for my next phone. http://www.pocketdro...name-optimus-4x I'm now searching for the Korean web site sees any news about it.. Leaked Spec.. compare with GS3
  7. Try to plug in a power supply for the phone, see if the same thing happen.. fix your CPU frequency at certain value, without scaling I mean, see if the same thing happen..
  8. Nokia recognized the situation that android has degrade mobile manufacturers into hardware makers. Like when you purchase a laptop, you'll focus on the hardware more than the bundled software. Software is always modifiable, where you're almost not possible to alter the hardware in smartphone. Single Core vs Dual Core.. Build-in Memory vs Micro-SD slot HDMI port... these are what you cannot alter...
  9. I want to have a try with this ROM.. is there any specific baseband should I have before installing this? all I need to do is to install via ClockWorkMod ?
  10. it will never survive flashing new ROM via ClockWorkMod, right ? :)
  11. My 2X is running [email protected] Smooth as hell... average battery life.. A complete smooth surface with 4 touch buttons... this is the best thing I like ! and thus I would never consider those Galaxy model. (expect Nexus) The second thing I would miss is the location of the build-in speaker.. speaker on the edge is much much better than on the back ! I would only replace my 2X with a future phone.. which have at least Quad Cores CPU, 4"+ 720p screen and with LTE !! Before such a device appear, the 2X would still my favorite phone !
  12. For mobile, I think Gingerbread is good enough, even Froyo can do. :) if ICS do not support flash at all, I'll certainly stay in Gingerbread with my 2X. For tablet, Flash is a must have for me !! so, I prefer the Transformer Prime Ship right NOW with 3.2 Honeycomb !! if it only ship with ICS, maybe I'll get a galaxy tab running Honeycomb instead.
  13. From US LG:http://www.facebook....291113000916687 and Google said no ICS on Nexus one :) so, our dual core phone actually sit the same layer as a single core N1 http://venturebeat.com/2011/10/26/no-android-ice-cream-sandwich-for-nexus-one/
  14. That's called "Reverse Engineering" instead.
  15. Root your device, install ROM manager, flash the ClockWorkMod... boot inside clockworkmod and do the Nandroid Backup.. it work like Ghost in windows.. but still some partition level optimization need to be re-apply after the restore..
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