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  1. Yes, when you take the back off a play then the SD card is automatically unmounted ... think SE say this is a safety feature to avoid the card getting corrupted by being pulled when still active.
  2. Or go to foniacs.co.uk and pay 99p less .... that's what I did!
  3. I've just moved to the play from a TMobile pulse ... OMC is a newer than the Pulse so has faster processor and a bit more RAM but fundamentally is the same "generation". Difference from Pulse to Play is amazing ... so much faster, browser has pinch to zoom, its a ARMv7 processor so flash etc plays (iPlayer works, videos play from news website pages etc). Sound quality (calls and music) feels better. Camera is much better (think its at last answered the question as to whether I ought to buy a cheap and small digital camera to carry around when I don't want to carry my main camera ... photos from the Play seem more than adeqaute for that sort of purpose) For me having the game pad + the free games (Asphalt, FIFA, 2 versions of Need for Speed, Deadspace, Battlefield 2 etc) is a positive - not played a great deal but spending 5-10 minutes spare time on one of these is more interesting than Angry Birds. Only caveat is that if you really don't intend to play games then you would have extra bulk from a feature you don't use (though its not excessive + for me I just don't seem to like small ultralight phones!) and, perhaps more importantly, the back of the phone is not solid as its a slider. After using the Pulse for ~2 years I was on the look out for a new phone at the £150-£200 mark with a ~1GHZ ARMv7 as a min requirement ... had been thinking about the Huawei U8800 or an Acer Liquid MT which seemed to fit the bill but for me when the Play suddenly dropped into this price range it ticked all the boxes and the games were an added bonus which tipped the balance for me!
  4. Been using a T-Mobile Pulse for almost 2 years - bought it when T-Mobile dropped price in a one day "33% off PAYG" sale (which co-incidently was on my birthday!) for £90 on the basis that I was looking at moving to an Android phone and at that price I could afford for it to be a disappointment ... however it wasn't and I went through the process of waiting for the "reading next month" 2.1 upgrade for months and since then been through FLB ROMs and ended up on CM6.1 Anyway, experienced convinced me that Android was the way to go but had been noticing that the Pulse was struggling (probably due to swapping to SD etc) so had been on the lookout for a more recent phone at a good price. Eventually made the move last week and picked up an Xperia Play for £179. Difference between Pulse (ARM v6 @ 690MHz overclocked) and the Play (ARM v7 @ 1GHz) is amazing - so smooth, runs flash etc etc. (Plus, has bonus of "playstation" controls and a bunch of free games in a promo package at the moment) Also, I'm on a TMobile PAYG SIM and with the Play I'm getting HSPA connectivity (speedtest reports 1.8Mb/s) which I never saw on the Pulse. Overall for its price the Pulse was amazing, not least because of what people in places like here did to support and extend its capabilities but having moved on to something newer (even though the play is a generation behind the latest dual core models) its clear it is just how far it had fallen behind the current state of play. Anyway, thanks for all who contributed to making the Pulse a viable phone for the past 2 years!
  5. Pulse has got slow again ... looked at swapiness in a2sd gui and its back at 30 again. Checked via terminal emulator and discovered that the a2sd gui is changing the current swappiness value but not writing a script to update it on every reboot as is the case with a2sd swappyxx .... and as I've rebooted since I last set swapiness down to 15 that's why its back to the default 30. (N.b. I have a 64MB swap partition so 15 may be more appropriate than 30).
  6. Went into a2sd gui to clear dalvik and discovered that swappiness was 30 ... I'm sure I'd reduced this to 15 or 20 ... so that clearly wouldn't have been helping!
  7. Having similar problems myself ... must try rebuilding dalvik etc to see if I can get it "upto speed" again!
  8. Think something had been definitely gone wrong which has been fixed by reflashing as now it seems to get a fix very rapidly (presumably via A-GPS) whereas couple of weeks ago I spent about 5 mins waiting for it to fail to get a fix - wanted to turn it on before starting to record a track with My Tracks while going round the big hedge maze at Longleat ... managed to record a track when I was there last year and when we eventually got to the centre it was amusing to pull up the track to see quite how lost we'd been along the way!
  9. No, it was the same CM6.1 ROM .. just in case something had got corrupted along the way. Anyway, guess what, tried GPS again on my lunchtime walk .... and it sprang to life! Think I'd forgotten that the notifcation bar icon for GPS only seems to appear after it has locked (I think its meant to appear as a "searching" icon then changing to the "locked" icon once it has got a fix .... of course, it is now not disappearing when I disable GPS but I knew that). Still think something was wrong before I reflashed as I'd failed to get a fix a couple of times recently while trying to use it with my tracks or google maps. My assumption that it was stil not fixed is probably because I'd forgotten that the notification bar "bug" meant the icon doesn't appear until it has got a fix which wasn't going to happen when I was trying it indoors last night! So may be all is fine now ... well, except the phone has now decided to get stuck in landscape mode - a reboot should fix that!
  10. Tried various ideas .... rebuilt dalvik cache in case something in there was corrupted, stepped up to a factory reset and then to a full reflash of the ROM but none of these have had any effect .... so beginning to think that something in my GPS subsystem is now non-functional - unless anyone has any other ideas. Anyway, suppose can add this to the list of "reasons why I need to upgrade my phone"!
  11. I'm in about the same position .... options I'm currently mulling over at the Huwaei U8800 and the Acer Liquid Mt ... both have the same cpu/gfx as top single core phones like Desire S etc. Pricewise there ~£175 and ~£150 SIM-free which is in the range of what I'd want to spend.
  12. Its the ARMv7 architecture that's required for Flash to work ... initially this meant you needed a 1st generation snapdragon and that was a 1GHz processor but it was the architecture rather than the speed that was the requirement. Since then Qualcomm have rev-ed the Scorpion/Snapfragon cpu/chipset and the 2nd gen CPU is inherently faster so that the 800MHz 2nd gen cpu in this phone is said to be faster than the 1GHz 1st gen cpu in the desire etc.
  13. Deleted - another problem cropped up which now seems to have fixed itself ... but still no GPS
  14. Now you mention it, I remember that "bug" so I've definitely used GPS with this ROM .... just that now it seems to be totally non-functional - never get the icon in the notification bar even if I turn GPS on directly from settings. Time to do some more experimenting unless anyone else has already encountered/solved this issue.
  15. Does GPS work with CM6.1 ROMs? I thought I'dused it since I installed CM6.1 but in past few days when I've wanted to use GPS it has utterly failed to find location ... no GPS symbol appears in the top bar when its turned on etc. Thanks for any info! n.b. think the ROM I've got is CyanogenMod Plus
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