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  1. Nice work! Has anyone had any luck removing the "battery charged" and "power connected" beeps and vibrates? They seem like completely pointless notifications, designed purely to wake me (and/or the girlfriend) up when charging overnight. I may experiment with tasker (from the market) scheduling to see if I can cut out sound and vibration overnight, but it's rather complex, and I'd rather just disable the entire notification if possible. I can't think of any situation when I would want to be notified that I just plugged it in or that it's full.
  2. Putting a metal case over the cell, wifi and gps antenna might not be a good idea in terms of signal strength. I think I saw a few on ebay a while back, but I may be mixing up with accessory cases not battery covers. If you do find / use one, please post back details of how it works out for you.
  3. I seem to recall that product code showing up when people were researching the Nexus S leaks before it was launched. It might be one of the Nexus S variants (AMOLED vs LCD), or it might be another type of Galaxy S. ROMs won't necessarily be compatible, use caution.
  4. It looked like it was going to, but I was on a tethered internet connection and Kies doesn't handle unreliable connections well. In the end my patience ran out and I ended up using a download manager to get a custom ROM from from XDA based on the same firmware (Darkyy 8.0) and flash that with ODIN instead. Very happy with it so far - all's well that ends well ;)
  5. What three letter country code did you use on the spoof software? I am coming from an unlocked (mildly vodafone branded) I9000BUJP7/JP5 froyo rom, and have tried spoofing to XXX (which provided the software revision as I9000XXJE2/I9000OXAJE2/I9000XXJE2/I9000XXJE2 ) and also tried various other codes - Kies seems to pick up the spoofed values, but doesn't offer any updates for any country codes that I've tried. Kies says "This device's version cannot be updated" with spoofed values, but without the spoof it says "The latest version is already installed on connected device" EDIT: My bad - looking in the folder, it seems it needs some kind of appropriate file to spoof with, and selecting XEU (one of the files with the spoofer), it then offers me updates.
  6. Ah, okay well that would skew the results somewhat... Interesting that it skews them in a manner that almost exactly replicates the Froyo cpu score improvements though. In other positive news, the announced Nexus S hardware looks to be a Galaxy S, but with a few minor changes (NFC hardware, slightly different storage memory - 16 GB iNAND with no SD, missing FM radio, maybe a few other bits) That means the Galaxy S is almost certainly going to get Gingerbread fairly quickly - possibly from the community, and should be very well positioned for future updates (The Nexus S will get Honeycomb for sure, and I'd guess probably at least one update after that, so we could be very well set indeed.) It also means that Google are confident in the basic hardware platform and performance, so I expect we may see some good boosts when we get Gingerbread. They wouldn't release a new flagship phone and OS without doing some serious work on chip optimisation, and presumably making sure it performs better than the old Nexus in most (all?) categories. I wonder what the effect of that different storage is, and whether it's a simple way to address the IO / RFS / lagfix issues that the Galaxy S has had.
  7. And here, we have indications that Froyo CPU/JIT performance can be sorted on the SGS http://www.androidpolice.com/2010/11/16/fi...d-in-beta-form/ Check out the graphs vs Nexus One 2.2. This is very encouraging.
  8. Although this Hummingbird press release says that it does support NEON http://www.samsung.com/global/business/sem...do?news_id=1030 The plot thickens. Maybe it's an inferior implementation, or maybe the problem is something else.
  9. The upshot seems to be that whilst the Hummingbird is generally a stronger processor than the Snapdragon, it isn't compatible with the optimisations that were built into Froyo/JIT. Seems like an odd feature to leave off (arguably stupid? considering the apparent performance benefits), but it basically appears to mean that it won't be as fast as it should be, and it's unlikely that the performance will be improved much if we get gingerbread. I guess Samsung will put out the next version of the chip with Advanced SIMD/NEON support and just chalk it up to obsolescence...
  10. Thanks for this info, it looks like there's more info googlable about the NEON issue.
  11. Oh well, assuming it's due to Froyo being heavily optimised for Snapdragons then we may see some good boosts in Gingerbread builds if the Nexus S plays out with a Hummingbird variant. Shrug.
  12. What I mean is that the froyo benchmark improvements for the nexus one seem to be based on JIT causing the processor scores to be much higher, which doesn't seem to happen with the Galaxy S. Stock quadrant scores for the nexus one on 2.1 are lower than the Galaxy S on 2.1, whereas stock scores on 2.2, the nexus destroys the galaxy by an enormous margin. 2.1 stock ROMs (quadrant score): Nexus one: 500ish Galaxy S: 800ish 2.2 stock ROMs (quadrant score): Nexus one: 1300-1400ish Galaxy S: 900ish So the 2.2 JIT benefits and optimisations only give the Galaxy S a ~10% improvement, whereas they give the Nexus one a ~270% improvement. Pretty much purely on the CPU section of the test. The lag fix problems are common to the 2.1 and 2.2 Galaxy ROMs so shouldn't be skewing the results. This thread (and the benchmark charts in it) addresses some of the questions: http://androidforums.com/samsung-galaxy-s/...nt-lag-fix.html The lag fix is boosting a different part of the overall score, and NOT the CPU part which is improved with froyo on the nexus one. It seems that Froyo does almost nothing for the Galaxy S CPU performance, whereas it massively boosts the Nexus. Something seems very wrong here. Maybe the JIT implementation is buggy or something?
  13. Does anyone know why the Galaxy S doesn't get anywhere near the performance boost that the Nexus gets for 2.2? The Galaxy 2.2 should wipe the floor with the nexus 2.2 benchmark results considering how they perform relatively with 2.1 I assume it can't be related to the lagfix/filesystem issues as they would hamper 2.1 and 2.2 roms on the galaxy similarly. ... (based on quadrant results)
  14. The i900 is - I think - an "omnia" windows mobile phone which shouldn't be mistaken for it, though sometimes people mistype the number. There are also several models in the Galaxy android range which are low to mid range and have varying code numbers and names depending on region etc (Galaxy 3 (I5800) 5 (I5500) beam (I8520), apollo (I5801), portal / spica (I5700) etc are lower spec android phones, there may be others). The Galaxy tab (GT P1000) should be distinguishable as it's, well, a tablet. The Galaxy S should be unmistakable as it is (currently) the only one with a 4 inch SAMOLED screen, and it prominently displays a coloured sort of 3d swoosh thing forming the Galaxy S logo when you turn it on. Also the details of the phone should be visible in the settings app (Settings | About phone should display the model number GT-I9000 - unless it's a regional variant which might have a different code). There are several versions of the Galaxy S, with either 8Gb or 16Gb internal storage, and also several regional and (usually USA) carrier variants with slightly different look and feel, and with some different external features, and - I think - branded and locked to their networks. The GT I9000 is the international version which generally shows up in Europe / UK and a lot of other places. Detailed specs and photos/360 views are available at http://galaxys.samsungmobile.com/ if there's any confusion.
  15. I know what I said, and what I voted, but the pulse was just doing my head in for software development. It was taking so long to deploy and test software on for every little change that it was driving me mad. I had a weak moment, and bought a second hand Galaxy S on eBay. I may have to sell a kidney to pay for it (or maybe actually sell some apps), but holy mackerel it's so good it just makes me want to cry. Everything works. So well. Don't hate me, I'm probably not a bad person. The Pulse will still get some love.
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