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  1. Omd's I ant been to this site in ages, I just looked at my account and I joined in 2010, and I just about remembered my login details lol, my first Android phone was the T-Mobile G1 by HTC but soon after I got one Pulse and to be honest I kind of hated it, not sure if it was a combination of me not knowing much about rooted phones or the phone itself, mine always seem to be very glitchy even from new, however them days taught me what I know now, I do remember using your ROMs and others, and having to partition SD cards but it was so long ago I can't remember that much, but I do remember the name Flibblesan for sure, I'll have to sieve through my history here to jog my memory, I also have migrated back to Huawei since the P9, now using Mate 20 pro, I almost turned down the P9 due to my experience with the Pules but I decided to try it and hayho,...anyway thanks for your work and happy Earthday the T-Mobile Pulse. ...yes I still have mine but it won't fully boot up.
  2. Hi peeps Iv just dug my old u8220 out of a bag of old phones and decided to restore it back to Official 1.5 downgrade, problem is I was able to download the December Update but the link to the official 1.5 is broken, id be most greatfull if someone could post a copy if they have one or pm me a copy. Thanks in advance. :)
  3. thought id try this too but getting loads of fc with youni sms/ dialer/ go keyboard/ they just keep FC' all the time, couldnt sign in to my gmail account cause of go keyboard all three app keep fc randomly and frequent :( any help out there?
  4. @rulerofkaos Hi jst wanted to know if you were using the ICS Launcher from the market in your screen shots above.
  5. Confirmed Backlights work on twrock. You wouldnt happen to know how to fix this would ya :D
  6. Still having probs with youtube only difference is it seems to be ok once I view it in portrate but as soon as I tilt phone to landscape view it will freez but sound keeps playing, when I backout I get FC (force close, wait, report) if I select FC it still plays sound, have to pull battery to stop it. Edit> I have another problem, pull battery cause phone locked up now when I plug it in charger it just shows T-Mobile screen (LOOP) It wont get to the Android load screen.:( Edit>NVM I got it working but had to pull charger out untill the Android load screen appeared, then the t-mobile boot loop stoped.
  7. Hay Welly thanks for your help mate, do have the youtube crashing too? I dont see anyone else mention it.
  8. Hi There Im using TXG06 Rom by Twrock thought id try this out after install I noticed the back lights on buttons dont work, is there a way to fix this as I like the theme.
  9. Hi Twrock Not sure if this is known issue but I cant seem to find (Adobe flash player) in the market, but I can find it on my other phone using the same version market 3,4,4 also when using youtube app when a video starts playing it always crashes 3-4 seconds into the video but the sound keeps playing even when you navigate back to home screen, I have to pull the battery to stop the sound or just wait for it to finish. Im using TXG06 I had the same issues with previous rom.
  10. Sorry for late responce been away from home, SD class2 partition in sig, no setcpu,default kernel, not sure if any apps were messing with system, was running flb-mob only had the ocasional slow down, not often though it ran ok. I'M gonna do a fresh install of this rom and see what happens. Edit> I to like Hypnotical was getting the process.acore fc Edit> after reinstall of rom, market was messing around, tried to download a few apps from market and kept getting (not enought space on device) also updates were failing, then all of a suddon it began workng :huh: but overall responce is good now feels better than before, dont know why though, will see how it goes. Thanks for your work.
  11. Iv noticed the slow down aswell backing out of apps like gmail/ market/ browser, ect, I just get a black screen for ages and often the launcher will fc with the option to wait, and I dont know whats going on with my wifi works then it dont work :huh: Not complaining though just informing. However at times it does seem responsive.
  12. Anyone having issue's with wifi? mine seems to be working one minute and not the next eventhough its connected, I have to reboot regula to get it to work.
  13. I'd have to agree with you on that, i didn't even know about freezing apps first iv heard of it.
  14. Yea it took me a little diggiing around :D thought id mention that I took my phone out my pocket today to find it was hot like id been on a call for a good while and the battery was drained down but I ant got a clue what caused it. overall usage of phone is a little laggy at times not sure if its better than CM7 though feels about the same, but at least the cam work.
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