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  1. Looking for a few testers to give our upcoming product EzQuote a spin. It's a simple portfolio tracking application that downloads detailed quotes for any stock or market index. All international markets are supported (not just US). Please email me at [email protected] for a pre-release copy. Mention your device make and model, wireless carrier and Internet service plan (e.g. T-zones, EDGE etc.) 5 free copies up for grabs for those submitting useful feedback or comments. Thanks! -Mel Two Peaks Software
  2. Thanks for all responses to my request for beta testers. Most of you must have recieved the email from me with download instructions. The product is almost ready for launch, and we're just doing last minute testing. Here's a screenshot of the desktop version. I'll post some of the Pocket PC and Smartphone editions too a little later. -Mel
  3. Are you interested in beta testing Personal Vehicle Manager Smartphone Edition for Two Peaks Software? Here's a link to the current Pocket PC version: http://www.twopeaks.com/site/products/pvm/default.aspx We are releasing a brand new, redesigned 2005 version, this time with a Smartphone edition too. It comes with a full desktop version and many enhancements over the current version. Please shoot me an email mentioning your name, device type, desktop and Smartphone OS and any other relevant information. First 25 beta testers will get a complimentary license. Thanks! -Mel [email protected] Two Peaks Software www.twopeaks.com
  4. Good one mate. My gf likes those brit accents so I'll have to load it on mine just to show her. Are you thinking of making any more? How about one that sounds like Steve Irvin the crocodile hunter?
  5. What do you guys think of this one? Starbucks.gif
  6. Here's a few backgrounds for fellow Chicago lovers. All are sized 175x200 ready to use as wall paper on your home screen. I didn't have time to make full home screens (with custom color schemes) yet, but hopefully someone else can. Enjoy! -Mel www.smartphonetweaks.com Chicago7.jpg Chicago6.jpg Chicago5.jpg Chicago4.jpg Chicago3.jpg Chicago2.jpg Chicago1.jpg
  7. OK, finally got some more time to work on the site tonight and I've added more tweaks, plus credits and discussion links for all items. Please send me tweaks that I've missed, although I'm sure I'll find them eventually. I also added a few of my personal ring tones. Thanks for the encouraging comments. Enjoy! -Mel
  8. Thanks for all the suggestions and opinions. I did not intend to take credit for any tweaks. I just copied and pasted a couple just to give you an idea of how the content would be organized. Now that it seems like a helpful resource, I'm going to add more tweaks with full credit to the submitters and a link back to the Modaco or other forum site where they appear. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts. -Mel Two Peaks
  9. I find a lot of tweaks and hacks here and in other places like Howard Forums. I thought I'd make a single website where people can find a list of ALL tweaks nicely organized, without having to search through multiple forums. I don't know if such a site already exists, but here's a sample of what I am working on: http://www.SmartphoneTweaks.com It's just a simple web page for now to show you guys what I am doing, but if there is interest, I can make this a lot better. I'd like to know your opinion on such a site like this, and if there would be any problem copying and pasting text from this forum and adding it to SmartphoneTweaks.com (in the interest of consolidation). I'm not trying to compete with, or replace a site like Modaco. Instead, my site will help users find stuff on/from Modaco and others. So, let me know if you think it's cool. Btw, I work for Two Peaks Software but this site is a personal effort and is not supported/endorsed by the company. Thanks, -Mel
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