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  1. I think I am Going to Have to Agree with Everyone... The Text Messaging Bug is Insanely Annoying... Aside from that, This is an Extremely Solid Build.. Looking Highly Towards Future Updates!
  2. I think I am Going to Have to Agree with Everyone... The Text Messaging Bug is Insanely Annoying... Aside from that, This is an Extremely Solid Build.. Looking Highly Towards Future Updates!
  3. I Wanted to Stop by and Say Thank You for This! It Feels Great to Be Back in the Modaco Forums... It's Been a While..! I'm Back Home lol =)
  4. After the update with the EXT addition :D Data seems to be more consistent and faster. Applications open faster and caching time is highly reduced. ;) Thanks P :)
  5. Thank You.. Thank You... :D I figured it was something like that.. It has always happened.. Ever since the N1 ;) Paul must be ashamed of me.. smh.. :)
  6. Still getting " (bad) Installation Aborted " when trying to install :-( With CW I also see it shows 698 bytes when I download, is it suppose to be this small? Or could it be that I am downloading from the Nexus? I'm sorry I'm searching the thread and don't see anyone else having thsi same issue.. Guess I will try this when I get to an "Official CPU"
  7. Is anybody else having flashing error's with When I try and update from r1 I get an aborted message.. :) I downloaded from the site via the device since I can't download and transfer via my work computer. Extra ;)
  8. D'Oh :) I forgot about HSPA+... Thats The Difference! You always come through P.. Thanks!
  9. Hello Paul! Nice To Be Home Again! First I would like to say Thank You for Your work and contribution! ;) Quick question about the HSPA Signal: When you mention HSPA you mean HSPDA for Your U.S. Counterpart Friends Like me right? Or is there any Differnce from UK versions to US Versions? Since The device is Tech not HSPA Ready :) Thanks! Once Again, hat tip goes to Paul, First Rom on The Nexus S just Like the Nexus One.
  10. CONFIRMED! CONFIRMED! r12 Works on the MyTouch 4G.. Without a flaw.. Now.. please wait until @gankin from XDA and Paul communicate to have the bits and peices needed to make it official so we can have a App for the Touch baked.. :huh: (Please Paul) I just wanted to take the plunge, as I always do.. :rolleyes: Enjoy!
  11. I rose from the dead just to agree with this statement! :D Hello All, Been a while, In any Nexus Forum, Whew...
  12. Well, you already kno the drill.. LOL.. Thanks for the info.. Ig has been great.. I should really take a look at it when it comes to the US.. Right now we're on evo mode.. LoL.. Any LAg? Any concerns..? Your an honest man.. Thanks P..
  13. Oh Lord.. Hell broke loose here again dint it.. People Updates are upon avail.. The avail to build better than were we were.. Google Doesn't even put out updates as this BIG MAN does.. :blink: :o I know impatience is bliss.. I have suffered under his raft when he gets upset for a "wrong" doing.. So be wise and good children, even the best of children still get yelled at. LoL.. :huh:
  14. So if your happy about this then you'll be happy about this.. Okay we're almost there.. Paul O'Brien PaulOBrien I forgot to mention the root method seems to work on the Legend too, and there's a good chance it'll be possible with the Incredible. Well Ladies and gents.. Lets be thankful for the work and "love" given.. He has finished rooting the Legend and the Desire "fully".. And it's 99.9% capable of doing on it tomorrow.. More news to come tomorrow as it's the release.. Thanks MoDoCo.. Here Are some of the Link(s): http://twitpic.com/1iwzwx Will Update tomorrow.. It just had to be displayed..
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