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  1. its actually got 3 different keybored layouts that you can choose from, and i think there is one on market place called thick buttons as well
  2. have to say im liking the mini so far its a nice little phone, only problem is txting if you got big fingers.apart from that its fine
  3. i have tried cardio trainer and it seems to work pretty well
  4. can i ask a newb question here as the mini is my first android phone, what does rooting do to the phone ? and what will it let me do once its done
  5. yeah got mine unlocked from that site and works fine
  6. ok i changed Access Point Node (APN) to payandgo.o2.co.uk and Username to payandgo and it seems to have got it working so thanks very much guys :)
  7. no not set them up as never done that kind of thing before,i will go and check out the link chrish posted,and reply on here with how i go, thanks for the replies :)
  8. ok got a pulse mini, unlocked and got a o2 sim in there can send and recieve txts and mms no problem, but when im out and about and i try putting a tweet up i click send or try to surf the web i get the following message, A network error has occurred.Network unreachable. tried it at home as well doesnt send when i turn wifi off.anyone got any ideas what the problem is, my first android phone so kinda new to me
  9. any reviews or first thoughts on the mini from the people that said they got it ?
  10. any news on if and who can unlock the mini ?
  11. its on the t mobile website now http://www.t-mobile.co.uk/shop/mobile-phon...-mini/overview/
  12. ok thinking about getting the pulse but i have read a few things that the call quality is bad with people not being able to hear the caller and so on,as it would be my main phone is the call quality that bad ? or maybe i should wait for the pulse mini as the mic seems to be in the right place any advice would be great thanks :D
  13. heres another vid on the pulse mini http://www.mobileburn.com/gallery.jsp?Id=8821 just read it doesnt have gps either :/
  14. question is do i get the pulse for £149 now or wait for this one ?
  15. called up a couple of stores today and they said they had some pulses in on payg. the price is now £180 as he said the price went up as of 1st of feb plus£10 top up but was told it was a £20 top up in another so at this price is the pulse still worth it ?
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