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  1. Excellent, thanks :lol: Does anyone know where I can find an original recovery image as well?
  2. Ok' I'll give that a bash later when she's back from work. Don't suppose you've got a link for the stock 1.5 RUU? No worries if not :lol:
  3. The phone reboots ok (thank god or the missus would kill me), am I likely to have more luck if I wait for the manual update from htc?
  4. I'm trying to update my GF's Hero via the OTA 2.1 update. It's an unlocked/unbranded device running a custom ROM and recovery image which I think is causing the update to fail. I get the following after it attempts to install the update after it's been downloaded:- Verifying update package .. E: No signature (218 files) E: Verification failed Installation Aborted. Can someone advise what I need to do to get the recovery image or whatever back to stock to install the 2.1 update? TIA
  5. This could be the most useful app for WM5 ever. Thanks so much for creating it, i've been fannying around trying to get that softick version to work on my XDA Mini S when this was here all along. Its gonna come in really handy for work too. Nice!
  6. You might like to try this... www.orb.com Its really easy to use and works well over wifi ;)
  7. http://www.raspberrysoftware.com/trueconnect.htm Its sweet when used with this software!
  8. My expansys one arrived this morning and its great. Looks very nice indeed sitting alongside a TFT on your desk.
  9. Have you got windows firewall or a 3rd party firewall enabled?
  10. Have you tried browsing via Pocket Internet Explorer? Thats how i browse to the shared folders on my pc from my XDA. For example, in the address bar i put '\\P4C800' (without quotes) and it brings up my shared folders in file explorer.
  11. Got a link for the more fashionable one?
  12. As the title says, is it possible to browse to a pocket pc via wifi alone? I can browse it via Bluetooth and activesync, and i can browse from the XDA to the pc wirelessly via PIE. Cant seem to browse to the phone from my pc via wifi though. Is it possible?
  13. Just installed The Core Pocket Media Player (TCPMP) and its working nicely.
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