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  1. Damn.. I can't remember how to do all this install stuff. :/ Any idea when an installer for My Storage will be available? :(
  2. Hey guys, Froyo working pretty well! But need some tips to get it working fully.. -Angry birds (big white squares? not really working..) Not very important. -Phone doesn't 'wake' when receiving a message. Is that an android thing? :/ -No vibrate on call/message? Very important for me when on silent. Maybe I missed some setting? :S -Any LED torch that works? Tried a few but couldn't find one. Cheers for the amazing android! :unsure:
  3. Hmm.. This is a great victory livebig! :) Buuuuttt.. No good for me I don't think, I bought my omnia off eBay. :P
  4. Hmm.. All well and good for people on plans. :huh: Pre-Paid FTW. Or loss, in this instance.
  5. I don't know if we're actually getting anywhere. Yes, people are admitting their fault. But has anyone been offered an upgrade or new device? Some kind of compensation? I guess we just have to keep working at it!
  6. WTF? A friend called me and it wouldn't work because it thinks it has headphones plugged in. Tried soft reset. Any help? :huh:
  7. Yeah, this is all well and good for you on Verizon. But doesn't help me with my i8000 Omnia. :huh: Sorry if that sounds rude but I'm annoyed that Samsung advertised at 256mb RAM when it clearly isn't.
  8. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :huh: Grr. Nothing else to say. Something HAS to be done SAMSUNG!!
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