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  1. Damn.. I can't remember how to do all this install stuff. :/ Any idea when an installer for My Storage will be available? :(
  2. Hey guys, Froyo working pretty well! But need some tips to get it working fully.. -Angry birds (big white squares? not really working..) Not very important. -Phone doesn't 'wake' when receiving a message. Is that an android thing? :/ -No vibrate on call/message? Very important for me when on silent. Maybe I missed some setting? :S -Any LED torch that works? Tried a few but couldn't find one. Cheers for the amazing android! :unsure:
  3. Hmm.. This is a great victory livebig! :) Buuuuttt.. No good for me I don't think, I bought my omnia off eBay. :P
  4. Hmm.. All well and good for people on plans. :huh: Pre-Paid FTW. Or loss, in this instance.
  5. I don't know if we're actually getting anywhere. Yes, people are admitting their fault. But has anyone been offered an upgrade or new device? Some kind of compensation? I guess we just have to keep working at it!
  6. WTF? A friend called me and it wouldn't work because it thinks it has headphones plugged in. Tried soft reset. Any help? :huh:
  7. Yeah, this is all well and good for you on Verizon. But doesn't help me with my i8000 Omnia. :huh: Sorry if that sounds rude but I'm annoyed that Samsung advertised at 256mb RAM when it clearly isn't.
  8. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :huh: Grr. Nothing else to say. Something HAS to be done SAMSUNG!!
  9. Is it just me or does it look just like the standard windows today screen? :S
  10. No problem! :D (Just call me Azza, heh). I think it's totally fair that these people remain annonymous. Australia is with you!! (Haha sorry, we Aussies have a bit of a weird sense of humour :D)
  11. Sorry for the double post.. But this might interest some people. http://www.microsoft.com/windowsmobile/en-...martphones.mspx The microsoft page for Omnia II shows 256mb RAM.
  12. Oooh!! An upgrade would be AWESOME. :D Probably wouldn't bother me at all. lol
  13. Wow dude, respect +1 for you. :D I can't actually help you except to *bump*
  14. Does anyone else see this becoming an absolute s*** fight? :D (Something similiar to iPhone 4?) It would be nice to have some answers though.
  15. This is all well and good for you guys in America. But what about us that bought our i8000's on eBay? :) Impossible, BUT it would be great if Samsung stepped in here and offered an upgrade or something similiar.
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