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  1. Given the information is public, they should have known, in which case we should have been contacted. If they didn't know then they're negligent. Either way, it doesn't look good. It should be the admin's first priority to notify users as it's our data and our privacy that's at risk.
  2. Ditto. Why is this the first we're hearing about it?
  3. Is anyone else having problems with Samsung Apps all of a sudden? I tried to open it yesterday and is kept giving me Error Code 1000. Today I tried again and it prompted for an update but the update always fails with the error "Application not installed".
  4. @Paul This is great to see. Could you please check the PM I sent you a couple of days ago about my MoDaCo Plus subscription - I'm keen to start using the kitchen but can't until that's resolved. Thanks, Stephen
  5. I tried multiple browsers on the tab (Stock, Miren, xScope) and all failed to download the rom.
  6. PDA and CSC have been missing since Beta 2. It's not a serious issue so I expect it's not high on Paul's list. You can check your versions using "Check Fus" from the market. You can also try *#*#44336#*#* - it shows PDA but CSC appears as "unknown" (at least it does in Beta 4).
  7. Beta 4 flashed and working great except for three small issues: 1) *#1234# shows no version for PDS and CSC. They are both visible in "Check Fus" though. 2) The video app doesn't list videos stored on the internal SD, only those on the external SD card. 3) When you first boot the screen timeout does not work. However once you have opened an app it starts working and will continue to work whether an app is open or not. I had all three of these issues with the Beta 2 version too. I performed a no-wipe from Beta 1 to Beta 2 then another no-wipe from Beta 2 to Beta 4. Thanks for all the the hard work!
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