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  1. Is there anything that can be done to make Sense use mp3 files as alarm sounds? Only useless soud files (like clicks etc) are available unless you download something and convert it to wav which is not very handy. I remember WM 6.5.x had some cool alarm melodies but in this rom they are all gone.
  2. Where can I get those? Thank you for your kind reply, my compatriot :(
  3. Hello I have flashed ROMs a few times, mostly Daskalos cooked ROMs. As all custom ROMs they only seem to change the PDA part of the device version. CSC and PHONE, on the other hand, have remained unchanged since the B7610 was bought. I must say I am not satisfied with the way the device handles GPS and GSM coverage, both seem worse than my old MDA and since ROM flashing does not influence these things, I got suspicious about CSC and mainly PHONE as the guilty parties. Where can I find replacements to those? Certainly I must stick to German CSC, because my 7610 has a German keyboard layout. I tried FUS Downloader but it only finds what I already have (weird, looks like an update has been found but it has exactly the same symbols, so I reckon it is just a "backup" for my factory ROM).
  4. Here are the issues I have noticed: 1. I do not think screen auto brighness adjustment works. I think the brightness is constant, no matter what the ambient light is. I tried the #*0#* test and the sensor measures the light properly and gives readout but it doesn't seem to change the screen brightness when running the test as well. I am not sure if it should though - maybe it is just supposed to give text readout as it does. Anyway, hardware is certailnly working, auto brightness adjustment does not. 2. Schedule application (the Samsung calendar) does not work in the horizontal mode - it does not fit the screen. It is a big drawback because b7610 users add and edit their appointments using the hardware keyboard. In this case it is useless. 3. There is no way to add a lock screen image. 4. The Samsung "audio manager" application is missing. It is a good application, because it lets you control both the audio and the vibration power. Can we somehow install it so that it works? I remember in one of previous Daskalos ROM threads there was a link to Samsung apps and the "audio manager" was there but it did not work.
  5. I see Titanium holds many applications. I assume one of them is something like SPB Mobile Shell - which one is it? And what about the Opera issue? Thank you for your recommendation, Daskalos. It is obviously the best ROM I have had so far. There were others that enabled more RAM but this one beats them easily with its speed, no matter for the available memory.
  6. What I have noticed is that no application that needs to open a browser is able to launch the default one (Opera) - I just get a warning that says "the file 'OperaL' cannot be opened. Either it is not signed with a trusted certificate, or one of its components cannot be found. (...)" Launched separately Opera works fine though. What Today Screen do you use, people? Samsung WidgetPlus won't let me have the launcher widget on more than one desktop. Windows Default is useless. Samsung Today seems the best option but it is boring and not really customizable. For example I do not think there is way to have weather forecast right on today.
  7. Found it, please delete the topic.
  8. I have set up an email account and wifi. Wifi works fine with internet browsing but whenever I try to download mail, the phone, instead of making use of active and perfectly working wifi, tries some other connections. How should I set up the connection settings to make email work via wifi? I have made it as many times as I have flashed ROMs but I kind of blacked out and forgot how to do it :(
  9. Found the guilty one - MagiCall. But I like this application. Can we somehow go round this problem?
  10. There is a problem with screen orientation. After a few days without soft reset the screen seizes to change to horizontal when sliding out the keyboard. It concerns the whole system = every application and even the today screen.
  11. Is this what you mean? http://www.modaco.com/content/b7610-omnia-...reen-on-wm-6-5/
  12. What I meant is that when you observe the golden bar indicating that a message is being sent you cannot really do anything but wait until it is done and the popup comes on. Otherwise the sending is interrupted and fails. I do not mean that the system is not responsive. The rom is really nice. I have a feeling that memory does not leak as bad as in the Megalite 6.5.5 23547 I have had so far. Great job.
  13. I have tried a solution posted elsewhere but it did not work. Is there a way to keep the samsung sms application without this annoying "message sent" popup after an sms has been sent? And the system "freeze" when sending, allowing only to gaze at the golden stripe? Another thing - there is a character count at the top of the screen when typing an sms but it is only visible when the screen is vertical. When we use hardware keyboard, like we do with B7610, and the screen goes horizontal, the bar with the count is "too high up" and invisible. Can something be done about that?
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