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  1. Any Dual/Multisim phones out there that actually get the android security updates and are supported by the vendors (I.e not dropped after 2 months) Thinking about the whileyfox swift2 but not sure 16GB will be enough and hacking apart my simcard isn't something I'd really want to do. They do 32GB versions of course but the 16GB one is on offer at the moment so it would cost a lot more just to get that extra 16GB of storage.
  2. Mine SU6 just picked up VDF-995NB01-UK07b, looks to be a 5.1x build Apparently it's supposed to fix bluetooth issues, hopefully it will resolve that annoying issue where the phone will no longer ring if you've used a bluetooth headset/car kit and then disconnected it.
  3. Does anyone else find the navigation is somewhat slow to update your position? Also I seem to get a problem with audio stutter if I run Deezer (music) + Navigation + Glympse, the music will pause every 30s or so for a moment, it gets really irritating after a while. The music/audio is being streamed via bluetooth to the car, my watch (Pebble) is also using the bluetooth. However It seems to be specifically a problem if both Navigation and Glympse are running as it didn't happen Yesterday when I had navigation + Deezer running.
  4. Phone is already running Denim apperently. Shows the software release under Extras + Info as "Lumia Denim" Core Build is 6032.3
  5. Decided to give windows phone a try as a change from android, I have a Lumia 735 and for the most part I like it other than the bluetooh seems to be very buggy, at least I think it's the bluetooth. The phone is normally fine execpt for when it's in the car, where it seems to have a habit of crashing and rebooting. When in the car it's connecting via bluetooth to an IO play 2 for Handsfree and also A2DP audio streaming. It's getting quite annoying as I tend to use spotify a lot in the car, and sometimes I'm using it as a sat-nav. Obvisouly if I'm driving I cannot enter my Pin/restart these apps untill I can find somewhere safe to stop.
  6. Hmm How about this one? http://www.focalprice.com/MH0801B/ZTE_V889S_40_Capacitive_TFT_Touch_Screen_800x480_Android_41.html?Currency=GBP
  7. Wrong frequency as well, It looks like TD-SCDMA is used by some of the networks in China. Also not that worried about data on Ovivio usually use less than 100MB most months as only thing that phone usually does with data is sync my email. I do browse on it, but only if the battery is flat on the Nexus or i've got no signal on EE (T-mobile) as I have unlimitied data on the t-mobile sim.
  8. I've always been put off by these as you're never quite sure if they've kept to all the safety standards, perticullarly given the quality of some of the cheap chargers you can get on ebay.
  9. Any recommendations for a low end android device to replace a Nokia Lumia 710? have a nexus4 currently on ee (T-Mobile) but tend to also carry the Lumia as it comes in handy when ee are being terrible or if I've managed to do something daft and run out of power on the nexus (eg forgetting to plug the car charger in then using GPS for a long journey) Lumia has an ovivo microsim in so would either need Something that takes microsims or an adaptor.
  10. Thanks for that, can confirm it works on a stock N4 :-)
  11. Actually Just bought a new charger anyway as I suspect the old one was incredibly noisy electrically, (It was one of those tiny ones that just sticks out of the 12v accessory socket slightly) was causing a load of noise to be picked up on the sound system even with a ground loop isolator in-place New one you can hear a slight buzz on the audio without the isolater in place and nothing (that I could notice) with the isolater in. The New one is Dual output and claims to deliver upto 2A @5v if a single device is plugged in or 2x 1A @ 5v it's also much larger and doesn't get anywhere near as hot as the old one did.
  12. Has anyone had their N4 stop charging presumably due to heat. I often use mine in the car as a sat-nav + have it playing/streaming music via subsonic and I've noticed a couple of times over the past few days that it will stop charging and thus I usually end up getting where I was going with a nearly flat battery. Either the Car chargers on it's way out, or I suspect the N4 is getting to hot as it does feel quite warm to the touch. I suspect it's the extra heat from the sun shining through the window (A rare occurrence here in the UK) doing it as throughout the colder weather it's been fine and I have seen similar behavior on other handsets (actually had a iphone4s shutdown due to overheating before)
  13. Think it's working now, Any idea how it would get screwed up in the first place?
  14. Running Ginger Stir Fry B27 and noticed quite often when I call the screen will go blank and I cannot end the call or perform any other functions. Tried downgrading back to B26 (which worked before) and same problem. Sometimes when I rub my thumb over the top of the phone it will work properly for a while but it often starts playing up again, which makes me think it might be a problem with the sensor itself rather than the ROM Can anyone suggest a good test to see if the sensors gone faulty? Edit: Went into the ZTE emode helper and think i've managed to recalibrate the proximity sensor.
  15. Seems to change ok for me, Running 1.6 from the 1.5 > 1.6 patch Cleared cache before update but did not wipe.
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