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  1. Some interesting in Quattro's List: Model: GT-I8000 | Code: TIM | Version: I8000AIJH2/I8000TITJH2/I8000XXJF2 | Date: 06.12.2010 14:21 | Size: 360,58 MB | ID: 1285372260
  2. Don't you have a dump, pls? :P
  3. viewdetails

    ROM request

    Thank you! ;)
  4. viewdetails

    ROM request

    That FTP site is owned by the Hungarian PDA Fan Club, and yes, the ROM should work, because I left untouched the languages. :P Anyway, I'm happy, if you found it usable! ;) Update: I'm now on the JI1_28243 which I feel faster then 28236. :P
  5. You can flash it back, or use a full JB1 package (JB1 eboot, JB1 CSC, JB1 PDA, JB1 phone), and after it's succesful flash, try again this custom rom. Anyway, it's looks like a newer one (6.5.5) but this is an old ROM. Try to look some newer one here, in the forum.
  6. viewdetails

    I8000NXXJI1 at samfirmware

    Right. Strange thing, the 900 MB mst file. The normal is abot 480 MB. onering67, if you flashed, pls screenshot about it.
  7. viewdetails

    I8000NXXJI1 at samfirmware

    It is from the link above (megaupload) not directly from the samfirware. Did you tried to download from there?
  8. viewdetails

    I8000NXXJI1 at samfirmware

    I expect 6.5, as far as I know BUJI1 is a 6.5 ROM too.
  9. viewdetails

    I8000NXXJI1 at samfirmware

    Wow! Thank you! :) I download this rar package. (Password: samfirmware.com) Something is wrong with it. It contains: CSC_I8000NXXJI1.csc (multilanguage, about 200 MB) Phone_NXXJF1.bin Eboot_NXXJI1_HW_40.eb0 PDA_I8000SERJI1_HW_40.MST??? Size 907 MB??? Russian version? :) The files in archive are dated to 2010.10.01 9:28
  10. viewdetails

    I8000NXXJI1 at samfirmware

    Do you have direct link? (I'm not a registered user at there :( )
  11. viewdetails

    Any News about JI ROMS??

    Keep cool, I think you misunderstood something, in my post there was just an example to clear the chance of usage of this ROM on other languages. Because every time, when a new ROM version is coming (only with native CSC), a lots of people asks, oh my god, why I see foreign month names? This topic certainly about the JI1 ROM(s).
  12. viewdetails

    Any News about JI ROMS??

    Are you currently on this ROM? Any issues, experiences? What have been removed?
  13. viewdetails

    Any News about JI ROMS??

    The eboot files are the same with JH2, comparing to each other. The only difference is their name inside the file. Strange, because if I compare the JH2 eboot for example to a JG2 eboot, I can find 19 differences. On the other hand, I don't have any other version (for example the eboot of BUJI1) to compare it.
  14. viewdetails

    Any News about JI ROMS??

    I see, but the lots of people may get heart attack here, if in the calendar see декабрь instead of december... :)

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