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  1. they are more different than you think, liquid express uses different chipset (MSM 7227 Turbo)
  2. liquidnext vold solved it for you? I am pretty sure I was using vold from liquidnext already...
  3. Sorry, usb mass storage is a known problem, I have not looked in to it more. For now I just use mass storage mode via recovery(I dont use it that often). I updated the first post with known issues.
  4. Thanks! that sounds great :) I was afraid they were not showing all binaries needed on the nexus driver page, that some of them had to be pulled of the device before compiling. This truly sounds like a fun dev device if we have source for everything except GSM and Graphics. I am looking forward to the ability to tweak that camera :) Maybe the reason to go with this sensor instead of the one on other samsung galaxy devices had to do with their ability to release source for it...
  5. What do people think about Galaxy Nexus as a dev device? How many and what binary blobs are needed to run AOSP? Better or worse than Nexus S? What's your thought, is it worthy as a "nexus" device in this sense?
  6. AOSP but with some added features (some of their own and some from CM). for example, you have the power options in notification, and overclock in system settings. (powershortcuts are also customizable from settings). kind of middle ground between AOSP and CM (but closer to AOSP)
  7. Hello people, I just did a quick port of Oxygen rom (from http://oxygen.im) for our liquid. I have not been using it for long, but so far everything seems to be working. If anyone wants to give it a try you can download it from here: http://www.multiupload.com/OG375615KE (I use phoenix kernel and ramdisk from miui) You know the drill, backup and so on :) Enjoy! Any questions or comments just post them in this thread :) I am especially interested about battery life experience. (I dont have dataplan so I cant test battery life for that usecase) It is nice to see all the great work from the liquid developers still going on :)) *rom info this rom is very minimal and zip file is only 66mb I have removed some apps from original oxygen rom (live wallpapers and some others) that I think our liquid is not fast enough for I have also replaced the launcher with latest launcher pro (much smoother) Android version 2.3.7, Oxygen version 2.3.2, market included Not working: Usb mass storage Camcorder (photo works) sensors need sanity app (do not use myself)
  8. lib files should be under /system/lib , sh is only the application that needs to use it. So push it to /system/lib/
  9. well with 512 ram it would probably take a long time to compile gingerbread sources also :P yes I agree this would be our best chance.
  10. I am also using 16gb card, never had any problems
  11. don't trust those numbers, also it is relative percentage so it is hard to compare to earlier roms.
  12. I think in this case the RC build is only meaning for his rom, not official cyanogenmod (the link you posted is a motorola mileston kang of cyanogenmod, they are also not officially supported). you use this as your base?? I would suggest you look at the official builds for N1 should be easier... http://download.cyanogenmod.com/?type=nigh...;device=passion
  13. I am curious from where you have heard this is RC3? I can not find that information anywhere
  14. sorry, I don't know why the buttons act strange sometimes :/ also turns out bluetooth was broken in the kernel in the pack i posted on twitter, here is one with working bluetooth http://www.multiupload.com/JJ3OL3MMMB (flash in recovery, don't wipe. ofcourse backup!)
  15. Basically thepasto's build is built from source with I think 2 framework patches (2g data and proximity wakeuptime), while this is just a straight up port from nightly build for passion found here http://mirror.teamdouche.net/?type=nightly...;device=passion (added camera, and some other hardware libs for liquid just) for changelog you need to look at CM commit log :/
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