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  1. Next Browser is better than Chrome IMO. Smoother and works in current form.
  2. Lmao. Now that I'm on a phone that can actually display the slide show (hint, not the iPhone) I can see how little most of the 105 pictures have to do with his point. Obsessive is not the word.
  3. Mine has a huge crack in the top that makes the power button extra stiff but I bought it that way and got it cheaper. It wasn't suddenly unusable because Of it. The phone didn't become less responsive, it still clipped along and is much smoother than my clunky iPhone 4 which cost nearly 4 times as much. The screen is still great, no damage there. The only problem is cosmetic. Unfortunately, it's all too common for people these days to think that how something looks is the most important thing. It's not like Apple never screwed up on their much more expensive and much more highly marked up iPhones. iPhone 5 s shipped from the factory scratched because the anodised layer was so thin. All iPhones have the built in flaw of having one mechanical home button which wears out because it gets used so much. This button can also ship from factory extra stiff so you have to clamp your phone to multitask. These are well documented. I try all sorts of phones, in all sorts of price ranges, and the cracking is a very minor issue compared to some of the more expensive phones I've tried. Motorola Defy which cost me twice as much (at the time) didn't have working wifi. This was a hardware issue, beyond my ability to fix, but Motorola tech support took the phone in 3 times under warranty and all they did was a software reset. This was a common flaw as I discovered while trying to fix it.
  4. No joy for me.They just told me the usual about needing to be with them six months. They even told me to get in touch with the guy I bought it off on ebay. Well considering that transaction has long since disappeared from my purchase list I don't think that was great advice.
  5. When you are first rooting you don't need adb-insecure. The AIO tool just has that step in by default. All you need is usb debugging enabled. I wonder if your San Diego came with the latest patch which disables the root exploit. If that's the case you can downgrade by putting the xolo udpdate on the internal storage and using the update from usb option in the advanced settings. This will remove the orange branding of course, but it also means less junk.
  6. Did you do what it says on the screen there and click restore on the phone?
  7. You still aren't getting it. It's the prices. Prices. That goes beyond their own preference and now affects the field of technology. Apple have one way of doing things and if it's popular that's fine. It should not be a case then of Apple being allowed to charge a whole lot more because of people who want to remain ignorant. I have an iPhone but its flaws are plain to me because I use my phone a lot. People who are less interested don't see these flaws, because they know no better. Why are their preferences setting the prices and thus giving Apple the leverage to sue everyone else out of business? An iPhone is not "better", but the prices are suggesting that they are.
  8. I would respect their choices if they respected mine. They don't understand how these things work, and their preferences set the prices. Apple's margins are enormous, they have the minority of the market share and the majority of the profits because of people who think spending money makes them special. What's this "need" you talk about. iPhone users have no clue what is out there until Apple shows it to them, then all of a sudden they find they "need" it. It's a simple strategy Apple have, and very effective, but it doesn't mean it is "better". And when we look at Apple's prices that is what is inferred. "It's ok to be ignorant, in fact, it makes you cooler if you really don't know how this thing works. Spend your money, feel superior to someone who only spent 1/4 of what you spent." And you are a prime example of this. Your preferences are so popular that you have trouble understanding that they aren't "The best" as you have argued in this thread. But it's like saying McDonalds are the best food or Justin Bieber is the best singer. I wouldn't give a s*** how many people bought iPhones if they didn't just default to "Pretty is best, I'll pay more for that".
  9. Apple make things too simple. Look how long it took them to get multitasking, decent notifications and a decent camera. Meanwhile everything else "just works" because they strip away almost all functions but the most basic. Those who don't know any better don't know what Apple have left out, and perhaps won't ever need to know, but it doesn't excuse the premium Apple charge on every device. I have an iPhone 4 as well as my San Diego and the iPhone is slow in comparison, especially when it comes to multitasking, Double tapping the home button and moving through a small list of icons is an awful way to do things. The screen is small and wastes space because all the buttons have to be drawn on screen for numpties. The keyboard is very basic and has an awful spell checker. If your friends took five minutes longer to look at an Android device they would soon find it's easier to use than an iPhone if you are willing to learn just some simple rules. Kind of like how learning some keyboard shortcuts can really speed up how you use your desktop computer. Same applies to a Windows phone. Apple design for fashion victims. They appeal to the tastes of those people with plenty of money to spend who love to buy clothes and think the prettiest item is always the best.
  10. Shame I have one and can't justify another. Hard to sell these phones because the average buyer is a numpty.
  11. 4069 for me with Orange ROM and I even underclocked mine slightly. Says it's almost as fast as an Asus Transformer TF201, and much faster than a Galaxy Nexus.
  12. The files seem to have a random number tagged on e.g. [email protected]_hash=AAFpIA40X7p8W9k-vBqXwqIc_2Pm2VNfVvBFN22j1Z-bcg. Could I use a wildcard character after the .zip so it would work no matter the token?
  13. I manually renamed the ics to update.zip and unzipped the dump to the correct location using a line from one of your.bat files and then ran the Install ICS option. All appears shipshape. Woot!
  14. It appears the setup tool is downloading the roms but not renaming them properly, for instance the orange ics comes down as update.zip.tag=blahblah but it doesn't get renamed to update.zip. Whenever I try to use the AIO ICS tool it doesn't push the file because it's got the wrong name. It doesn't seem to put some of the files into the right folder e.g. system for the GB dump files. So far all that has worked for me has been root, init.d, flibblesan's mod and the opengl drivers. I can't install Orange ICS or any of the Xolo themes.
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