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  1. Thanks everyone - Mr D. I shall try your soldering trick but I will most likely destroy my old SPV! Eventually got around to buying a new black C500 - booootiful. Except I plugged the headphones in last night - and they didn't work!!! Arrrggghh! Stayed in speaker mode - no matter how much fiddling (and bear in mind didn't want to break my new phone and get THAT stuck in headphone mode) - couldn't get in to go into headphone mode. I thought they would have fixed this by now??? Okay, so I guess I now have to carry around both SPVs with me - the one stuck in headphone mode to listen to my mp3s and the one stuck in normal mode to make calls!! What a farce :roll:
  2. Hullo My poor old SPV (original model) has been sitting in a drawer unloved for 9 months because it got stuck in handsfree / headset mode. Then I found all these great solutions (mainly the article by Gears at http://www.coolsmartphone.com/index.php?op...d=58&Itemid=3#) and thought whahey I can revive my SPV! The matchstick and WD40 solution worked initially - suddenly I had sound back and it was in 'normal' mode - great! Unfortunatley, after having the phone turned off and charging overnight I turned it on the next day to find it had reverted to headset mode. Ggggrrrr. Fiddled a bit more with teh WD40 and matchstick but can't get teh sound back again. So I installed the PHM registry editor and switched Active Profile to 'Normal' as per article previously mentioned. Yes, the phone was now is 'Normal' profile and I was able to select other profiles (unable to do previously) BUT I still have no sound.... rebooted, and the bleedin' thing had picked up headset mode again. Hhnnnggghhh. I tried (foolish) deleting the automatic and headset profiles from the registry too in the hope that on reboot it couldn't possibly pick up these modes.... it now shows no mode ticked whatsoever (guess it still tries to use headset but cannot show as it's been deleted). Any body know of any other registry settings I could try? (or how to get back the other profiles I deleted in case this causes problems?) Cheers! Mr Rossi
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