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  1. Hi Friends, I would like to know, How can i use my free Wifi at office or home as my main data source for my Omnia 2?. I dont want to use my carriers (Zain Bahrain) GPRS data source as its just 600 MB per month :) . I did a settings before i upgrade to WinMo 6.5 and now I forgot. Can anyone please let me know how to proceed with? Thanks in advance... :)
  2. use SkTools and you have a option to tweak phone, there you can set the font according to you requirement.. :lol:
  3. Check the 2nd post by speedfrog in this thread. Also you can go here and find nice ROMs yourself! - is there a noticable difference between the 2 versions ? - a Lot!, the TodayScreen is completely different. - any screenshot tutorial somewhere showing step by steps what to do ? you will find it in the link i gave you above. - is it possible to back up my current rom before upgrading ? I wish it was possible!! But you canot restore it!! - I upgraded failed, how to restore the backup, all gone!!...that was the main caution all ROM chefs write in the fist line of the post!! - worst case that could possibly go wrong during or after the update, and how to fix it...(anyway to rollback)...hope this forum may help you!!!
  4. Man....is that real????? funniest thinggy i ever saw on MoDaCo.... :lol: thanks for sharing Lancez
  5. There must be several ways you can do. But in my case i just go to task manager and select and long clicking on required program and switch to,,,thats it.. :lol: hope this could work for you too. Edit - May be my procedure longer than you used to do...hehehe B)
  6. HI, seems some system failure better take it to Samsung service center and let them fix it dont try to do anything your self. Also It seems that you must have hardware problem like usb port connectors. Try to fix through service center only.
  7. Sleeping Zedger This Zedger has remained inactive for a long time. Let's hope he/she'll wake up soon! - He he that was funny.......... :)
  8. Hey Guys, Thanks for the wonderful skin. I have a question. My weather is updating only if I connected via Active Sync not from my providers data package, Also if I try to update weather manually it without Active Sync it gives me an error, also how to enable weather auto update like 60 mins or 2 hours.?? could anyone please help me to solve the problem.
  9. there is a menu item callled "Search" onthe top right of this page click on that and type your query, you will get lot of... :P
  10. Dear All, I have this ( The file 'JMLTodayInstall' canot be opened......" error what am doing wrong, Am installing 2 parts as different installers. am I doing wrong??? I have done the same way as suggested in first post: 1. Install Dinik´s taskbar V1.5: - Done 2. Install Tacchan23´s white theme: link (optional) - Not Installed 3. Install Showaco´s Chome Editor: link (optional) - Installed 3a. Install MyLocation Service v1.2: link (optional) - No need foe me so not installed 4. Install JMLToday contable skin/mod V3.0 part1: - Installed 5. Install JMLToday contable skin/mod V3.0 part2: - Installed 6. Disable Titanium ("Windows default") - done 7. Start Chome Editor - done 8. Disable all other plugins, only leave JMLToday enabled. Save order. - done 9. Enable Titanium ("Windows default") - done
  11. This is because of .cab file. Even I have noticed with Windows 7 it shows that every .cab file has a dangerous contents. Ignore it if you trust the source. You dont need to go to the mother forum, you can download those files here:
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