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  1. I have some question to this WIFI hotspot. I find that WIFI Hotspot is not working but normal Wifi is working for internet browsing. Not working means I use default configuration (WPA or WPA2 :1234567890) on hotspot and other device connect this nexusone wifi without prompting any password to input AND then other device cannot go thru internet browsing. I have wiped ALL-userdata, dalvik-cache by RA 2.0.0 Do I have incorrect radio or/and configuration wrong? The following is information shown during FASTBOOT. Thanks for your help!! *** unlocked **** NEXUSONE PVT SHIP S-ON HBOOT-0.33.0012 MICROP-0b15 TOUCH PANEL-SYNT0103 RADIO- Dec 17 2009, 13:05:23
  2. thanks for effort done for desire rom on nexus one. My nexus one seem run faster than before and flash support make me to do more in the webpage. But I have problem in photo gallery. It sometimes got problem and need to force close. Don't know why appear and I find the my user sequence to make it get this problem. still suspect the problem raised from rotating the phone. Anytime, many thanks to effort done by @ModaCo

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