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  1. szysiek83

    Problem with upgrading WM 6.0 -> WM 6.1

    Hmm...., I wasn't asking should I buy/not buy a new phone, but I asked if you can help me solve my problem. So... please... don't answer if you only want to write "buy a new phone" f..k off ok?? Debil z Australii ;p
  2. Hi All! I've got small problem with upgrading my WM 6.0 in i600 into WM 6.1 The problem is that during flashing by WCEDownloader I get info "Device not found" and that's all... I've met few topics where people solve this problem by usin windows xp - but I will not reinstall my OS only to upgrade software in i600. So - do you have any idea what shall I do or where can i find good drivers for windows 7?? Will be grateful for help BR szysiek83

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