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  1. ok sorry. since it is the MS Windows marketplace downloadable editor, I assumed everyone knows it. the full name is Home Screen Customizer from Author Danny Su. URL: http://homescreencustomizer.spaces.live.com/ the strange thing is: I tried nearly all of your roms - and they are all great - and in all versions I used so far, this tool worked to customize the WM 6.5 standard start menu. but in this version simply no effect of any changes. I will try to do a hard reset, and will report back. txs EDIT: Hard reset did not work. but as soon as I installed MS office communicator mobile 2007 R2, and let it appear on home screen, suddenly all my previous settings in home screen customizer were visible. Seems some setting was triggered by the communicator home screen addition (however the prog does that) to "enable" custom settings... that closes the only "bug" I still had with this ROM, working great now. does anyone know, how you can change the behaviour of the "Music" item in windows Mobile 6.5 standard homescreen to lauch touch player instead of media player. there are tons of registry settings in HKLM/software/microsoft/chome/cmusic , but none seem to have an impact on the application launched to play music or show library
  2. well if I openHome screen customizer, I see apps clock email contacts (after I tweaked it, changes are saved within editor) but my home screen shows: pictures music phone voicemail clock text email calendar favorites strange... ;) maybe I use the wrong editor - used the one from Windows marketplace that I always used..
  3. thanks, proximity sensor working in the meantime! great rom really! next one: home screen editor does not seem to have an impact on how the homescreen looks..?
  4. does the proximity sensor work? to blank the screen if taking a phone call... does not seem to work, or is there a tweak you need to enable?
  5. do NOT do this one: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\GPS Intermediate Driver\Drivers\Samsung GPS Hardware\SleepOnNoData: change from 100 to 0 (I skipped this and it works better) if you do it, then contacts will not work while navigating, and also phone will crash if you navigate and do phonecalls in background! also the others are NOT NEEDED, but can improve Tomtom- changing the COM port makes the GPS work as "internal GPS" in tomtom and others, that is the only one REALLY REQUIRED as per my experience.
  6. seems exactly the issue: disabled samsung dial pad, and now obviously all call log and other features work and also caller ID is displayed correctly in locked and non locked. if WM6.5 lock screen is enabled, obviously it looks nicer (S2A), and the "I am busy call later" SMS feature is disabled as soon as samsung dialer is disabled, as well as video call. that was not the case in previous versions of the samsung apps dial pad. so I assume that simply the contract-detail apps are missing in the current 23566 apps collection dial pad, phone pad and call log. tried to also install SMS feature but same thing - seems to be caused by the samsung apps cabs not including some contacts basic apps any chance to fix that with new cabs? maybe a fixed (call log or phonebook) app is already out there
  7. still using this megalite rom, and finally got the updated CSC. too issues still not solved: from samsung phone pad, I cannot open contact details, also not from phonebook or call log. Neither does the "save to contacts" feature of an incoming call work. seems the app that all Samsung apps are launching to edit a contact is missing from the cab collection. that might be also the reason why no caller ID picture is displayed, as soon as you use samsung phone app in the ROM, regardless what CSC you use... maybe..? thanks for reply of anyone who could fix that. btw: is this the "best" megalite 6.5.x Rom to use for the moment, or is the "weekend" 6.5.3 release "Better"..
  8. thanks a lot! they were exactly what I needed flashed and works cheers!
  9. did not work, the "real" Austrian or a German version of the CSC would be great, anyone able to post?
  10. thanks, mate! I will try if it also works with the Germany keyboard of the Austrian version of the phone! thanks!
  11. neither the mobile firmware downloader (JIT error messages, 3.5 sp1 is installed..) nor this page http://share4gsm.com/index.php?strona=file...0/Slovakia(IRD) Austria(MOB)/PDA(B7610NXXIK6)CSC(B7610NXXIK6)Phone(B7610XXIK3) works for me so would be grateful if some of guys who managed to download either way could post a link to the CSC file(s) there. txs!
  12. using the meaglite version and it seems to be the best since 23547 - touch clock integration also works - which is better than in 23549 and even I found it not working in 23568! what you needed to install from one of the old cabs is samsung call log and phonebook, since it seems not to be included into the Samsung Phone Pad for 6.5.x.cab - not a problem but since it is not there, question: is there a reg-key where you can replace the samsung phonebook by contacts resp. the samsung call log by the standard WM call log (both are poutlook launch strings with parameters I guess), instead of installing the samsung apps for that? txs
  13. do you happen to have the link? is it B7610 or Omnia II thread?
  14. weird thing I just figured in my Windows mobile version screen: it says build 23548 instead of 23549 as on your screenshot although I flashed your rom (I thought) - will do again today after some backup
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