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  1. If you installed the original downloaded Frøya modaco, in the kitchen of r16 not enter any option apps2sd it works .. and then the radio I tried this and it worked .. Sorry for my English :( :(
  2. I activated apps2sd by adb .. I included not in the kitchen .. how can I disable apps2sd?
  3. I can not flash the rom .. I have left on the X to infinity .. how can I do? I come from the root Froyo modaco.. thanks
  4. always gives me error after installation of the whole subject, I also bought at the market metamorph but nothing changes ever mistake I modaco 2.0
  5. I tried to install it with metamorh but after installing the phone gives me error because i do not wipe prte more .. Suggestions? I have modaco cooked 1.9
  6. I still fault the launcher and I can not use this ROM, or tried to do the wipe but nothing wrong any suggestions Paul some advice on my mistake
  7. I come from 1.8 flashing the 1.9 and gave me this error Rova hours to do the wipe and reflash done wipe flashing the 1.9 but still error in launcher
  8. gave me the error saying the launcher application launcher not responding and nothing works.. sorry for my English
  9. keyboard does not work, what should I do to get it to work sorry for my English:)
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