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  1. Handy Entertainment has just preannounced a release of a new eye-candy screensaver for Palm OS 5, Pocket PC and Smartphone platforms. follows the best traditions of Riverland Screensaver. It offers a sure way to escape from your workaday routine and get a storm of cheers in just a moment. This time you find yourself in a hideaway tribal village populated with screaming inhabitants. The new screensaver is developed in bright colors of hot African scenery. Cartoon animations of aborigines are spiced up with a good portion of humour. On the whole, The Tribe has that very "wow" factor to grab attention of your family, friends, and colleagues. The Tribe is priced at only $6,95 with a trial available (upon release). Those who pre-order, get an excellent 20% discount. Still resisting your temptation to stay with The Tribe? Pre-order now at http://www.handyent.com/preview/. The release is scheduled for Monday, November 15th. Handy Entertainment has fortified its positions at the industry forefront. The unique technology of a realistic day and night change and full set of screensaver functions allow to designate them as an obvious leader in the development of screensavers for handhelds to date. The graphics for The Tribe is made by professional artists from Computer Generated Imagery Department of The IDEA Innovation Company, Perm, Russia.
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