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  1. Hello How i can replace the modules on ext4 with windows ??? Can i ???
  2. Hello can i ask why when i use the automatic installer it create primary EXT3 partition and not EXT4 ????
  3. I have the same problem I have clean install and i cnt open my camera .....
  4. Hello and thanks for people how has install the Beta2 to beta3 update We have to change the frb3update.tar.gz to frb2update.tar.gz ???? IF i dont rename the files and I put all the files on my storage i cant install it automatic ....
  5. FOR SOMEONE HOW HAS PROPLEM WITH CAMERA Please do this 1 reboot the phone 2 without open the camera connect the phone on the pc 3 Open the camera application for me this work but if i let the phone on the sleep mode i cant open it again and i have to reboot the phone again and i have to follow this procedure again For me this is worked ....
  6. Please help I install the ChainFire3D but when i reboot my device i cant find it on the menu.... What i can do for this ????
  7. This is the new beta zimage ???? With this i have white squares on angly bird
  8. Yes an update :) Is there anyone who is experienced (and with i8000) who can test update? Let me know on priv.

    Me too i can test it

    Any news for the camera ????

    Thanks youuuuuu

  9. I am asking you because i cant find where is the what does this appli ..... Thank you
  10. For the people how have install the ChainFire 3d. Which version have you installed ???? When i go to installit from market it tells me that my divice is not compatible Voy can you please explain to as what does this application ??? If we use it what settings we have to put to improve ???
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