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  1. I am afraid I have bad news, I got my phone back without wm6.5.5. When I got home I called Samsung, and as you could expect there is no update to 6.5.5 GRRRR :huh: I will try to mail Samsung to clear up the confusion and let you all know what happened.
  2. It looks like they are done with the repair, now I have to wait that they mail me that I can get my phone from the shop. Let's cross our fingers for 6.5.5 :huh:
  3. My phone is at the repair center but when I have it back I like to dump the phone a fast as possible, so that I can use it again. How do I dump the rom wen I have my phone back?
  4. I will send/bring my phone for repair the coming week, so if I have news I will post it. And I been willing to dump the rom when I have it back. Athlos: what is almost done, a week, a month? And where can I follow this project? I love the idea of android on this phone. I am a bit done with windows on phone, I had a big love for windows but with windows phone 7 I lost it completely.
  5. Can someone confirm this. I been on the phone today with Samsung, about a problem I am having. One was that my digitizer is broken, the second thing was that my phone has the habit to put the ring sound to mute and I can’t get it on again. Only one thing will help and that is a hard reset or download a new OS on it. I have this problem with the original 6.5 rom by the way. Then the lady on the phone says if you send it to us we can fix the digitizer and update the phone to 6.5.5 rom. At that moment I was stunt and asked why did I not know about that and why can’t I update to that. And she answered that Microsoft did not want that Samsung give the users the possibility to upgrade to this version at home. My question is, did someone here know about this or had this done? I am from holland
  6. Sorry for the late reply been busy and it was to hot in the house to care about this. Anyway I dont have this option, i have for the time being installed gpsmoddriver and that did the trick. But i still like to know how I could fix it with out gpsmoddriver, because it work as a charm at the begining.
  7. I dont know why but I had changed my settings and had a great fix, most of the time 8 fixes but than out of the blue no sat bars at al in tomtom. I have no idea why that is, tryed som setting back to orignel but wont help. Anyone know what happend? It is like the GPS hardware is turnt off.
  8. That doesn't mean you can talk to him like he is a idiot. If you dont like it dont download it. He does the work you are not. So you can do better? than make it and put it on the net. Andre OUT ;)
  9. It is a bit silly, the pass recovery did work now I used my email adres for recover i used my login name before that and I see now that my user name has a typo andrstartrek and it sould be andrestartrek dont know if the typo is mine or lost in sending. I never no that that the login name was different because it is not in the mail. Any chance you could edit that?
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