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  1. JaToAc

    SkyForce public beta

    thanks, works great on my spv... a little hard to control but it rocks...
  2. i myself have a dead spv (due to a wrong gone update)... i can't switch it on or get into the bootloader by pressing record and power button... did you have the same dead spv, or could you fire it up in the canary screen? i would love to have my spv back...
  3. JaToAc

    MY|Phone Profile

    been out of town :) Phone Profiles by JGUI PocketZenPhone by Zendrui / Freeware i have to say that i'm a registered user of JGUI's Phone Profiles and i'm using 5.7 on my XDA II without any problems (like others seem to have). i have to admit that it's a little pricy but good nontheless PocketZenphone is freeware and does the job right, no problems at all... give it a try...
  4. hi, nearly one year ago i bought a used and sim-lock free orange spv/classic while on a business trip to london (living here in germany and using it with my vodafone sim). now trying to update it to the latest rom version i now have a dead parrot :) is there a chance that orange will replace that with a working spv or swap with an e200 when paying the price (and how much would that cost?, send email to orange but no response yet). has someone of you experiences and could shed some light? thanks
  5. JaToAc

    eten p300

    you are right :!: i have to admit that i didn't follow that article long enough... have to catch up a little and dig right through the forums... :)
  6. JaToAc

    got my xda2...

    today happend what i never thought would be possible (for me)... i filled up the 128mb completly. wow, never thought that would happen. but 128mb can get full very fast, at least i know now. when i first heard that the xda2 has 128mb my first thought was 'hey, that's more that i ever need', after living a long time wiht only the internal ram of my loox (ok, i used a 256mb sd-card with my spv but mainly for mp3's). but if you got 128mb sometime you are going to use it. all essential progs in ram, some ringtones, games and goodies and here we come... good that i still have my 256mb sd-card :wink:
  7. does someone of you use this. i really like the features and the fact that it skins not only the menubar but the taskbar too. but it not only hides the signal strength/connection icon but also slows down my xda2 to a fact that booting up with wba on auto-run takes minutes and when booted takes ages until responding. what are your experiences with it?
  8. JaToAc

    got my xda2...

    the last days i'm reading and hearing more and more about todayplus, i think i have to give it a try :)
  9. JaToAc

    XDA II Customisation

    you tried that one?
  10. the o2 xda2 is my first ppcpe device, so i don't know if sms was integrated into the inbox before, but i like it. what i don't like is the fact that ms can't get their heads together and make their own mms client. integrated into the inbox AND please support the mms "standards". please no ms homebrew solution. that would make life easier, not only for me i think. that way we would be able to exchange mms that could be read by others, at least other ms ppc/ppce owners. and btw. please integrate hotmail into the inbox too. is it possible for ms not to support themselves (ok, i shouldn't have ask this, as we all know the answer)? what's the problem of letting their own web based email out of a mobile device? i don't get it....
  11. JaToAc

    MY|Phone Profile

    i just used the demo of MY|Phone Profile 3.1 for the last seven days and after setting it up to my likings on the first day i never touched the settings again. now after the seven day evaluation period is over i have to say that i'm now so used to it that i don't want to use ultra profiler anymore and i really like the today screen plugin. you can't compare MY|Phone Profile to ultra profiler that came with my o2 xda2 because you can really configure the profiles to your likings. not just choose one. for me this meens buying the full version and looking forward to the new improved version that should be released soon (i hope, you never know). but 3.1 is really fun to work with.
  12. JaToAc

    REQ: Jog-Dial

    after some weeks of use one thing keeps comming back to me again and again, something that i missed from the beginning of using ppc's of different manufacturers, it's a jog-dial. yes, the thing sony builds into nearly any mobile device. is it a sony clie, or a s/e mobile phone like the p900. myself isn't one of the biggest sony fans but you have to admit that the jog-dial is one hell of a piece to use. it makes operation so easy, fast and convenient. htc (or any othe ppc/ppcpe manufacturer) doesn't have to reinvent the weel, JUST COPY IT. just my opinion, but i would likt to see a real jog-dial in a ms wm device, is it ppc or ppcpe... just my 0.02 (euro)cent
  13. JaToAc

    XDA II

    my o2 xda was not simlocked because i bought it without a contract. but here in germany o2 sells even the ones with contract without simlock. if you need to sim-unlock yours look here for info on how to do that. yes, all three versions are the same, only the custom tools/programs are different from o2/t-mobile/i-mate. the hardware is the same. and btw. i know that sandisk is working on a wifi/memory/sd combo but i can't find a link right now. perhaps take a look at the Sandisk page.
  14. JaToAc

    got my xda2...

    after the first weeks of use i have to say that this is the best ppc AND phone i ever owned. and that's truly not my first one. i owned a casio e-125, e-500, ipaq 3630, loox 600 some nokias 51, 33 and some i don't remember, S/E t68i, SPV not to forget the e100. and now the xda2. for me (a true ppc lover) that's the best phone ever... i never want to be without it. it's so small (for a ppc), it's so good looking (like my ipaq 3630), it's fast and has a great screen (better then my loox). and it's so lightweight for all that that it is...
  15. you should have received the pin together with the sim... and not only the pin (that can be changed on the phone later) but also the super-pin (i think it's called that) for unlocking your device if you entered the wrong pin to many times (not to network unlock). check your papers that came with the sim... it should be there (normally 4 digits).

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